My Top 10 Sexy Men

sexy1010.  Paul Walker – what’s not to love about a sexy man who not only looks good but has a philanthropic heart.  Gotta love me some Paul Walker.  R.I.P.


9.  Jack Black – This man makes me laugh and laugh and laugh.  What is sexier than a funny man?  Also, he reminds me of my friend Andrew who died – they have the same impish grin and sparkle to their eyes.  I’m a goner.


8. Johnny Depp – For being able to talk to me like a pirate in bed.  And for looking sexy whether he’s scruffy or clean shaven – not even Brad Pitt can pull that off.


7.  Javier Bardem – For having an amazing accent and a brilliantly expressive face.  Ever since I saw him as the serial killer in “No Country For Old Men” I’ve loved him.  I don’t know what that says about me….


6. Ryan Reynolds – Yes, he has washboard abs.  But I love him because he has great comedic timing, wears a beard well, and loves blonds (as evidenced by his choice in wives – Scarlett Johansson and Blake Lively) which means I really do stand a chance with him. Right?


5.  Adam Driver – Maybe I fell for his strange, charming character Adam on “Girls.”  In any case, he has depth and soul and awkwardness and I just love him.


4.  Chris Hemsworth – Australian.  Ripped.  With the face of Adonis.  Basically, I just wanna see him naked.


3.  Seth Rogan – Another funny man who has stolen my heart.  Something tells me it would be fun to smoke a fat one with him and laugh for the next two hours straight.  Lub dub.


2.  Alexander Skarsgard – Not only is he on one of my favorite shows, he’s is super sexy.  Tall, blond, and handsome, like Austin on steroids. Of course I’m going to adore him.


1.  Mike Rowe – from “Dirty Jobs.”  What’s not to love about this man. He can change your oil in the afternoon, throw on a tux and take you to the opera at night.  He’s the complete man.  Nothing to complain about here.  Except if you don’t like sexy, educated, and skilled all rolled into one.


Brew ha ha


I just signed up to take Beer Making at Home through Workshop SF in the city. If I’m going to take this no dating thing seriously, I need to make sure I keep myself otherwise occupied. And what better way to do that than to learn to home brew. Yes, I have friends who do this all the time (Ari, Anthony and Lance). But I want to take a class that can teach me all the nuances that I might otherwise miss. I need a class with a systematic approach to beer making to teach me the skills I need to brew my own beer.

I figure I’ll be the only solo girl there. And I might draw a few questionable stares, but I’m used to doing things by myself these days. Even though sometimes I can get my cousin Jennifer to join me – like with the Great Bull Run and maybe the upcoming Mud Run.

See…. I know how to keep busy.

I have to say, isn’t it just fantastic to think that I will be able to make my own beer once I take this class? There’s even a supply store by me making it super convenient to brew my own beer. Personally, I like stouts and ales so I’m hoping to learn the difference between how each are made.

And then I’ll invite all of you over for a beer tasting, which will probably include actual commercially available beer – just in case my brew making skills are limited.

Mystery Man

MMMystery Man hasn’t been blogged lately, but that’s not because he hasn’t been around.

Quite the opposite really. He’s there every day for me.

He’s been there for me during some difficult times which got me a little down.

He’s cheered me up by reaffirming our friendship, sharing his unwavering belief in my awesomeness, and showering me with compliments and praise.

Really, when we started out I thought he’s be a harmless flirtation. I never expected I’d want to share the highlights of my day with him and hear him share his with me.

And, at a time when I feel like I’ve lost a friends, it’s nice to have someone to fill the void. I like feeling like someone cares enough about me to want to be my friend.

It’s also especially nice because I can be myself around him. I don’t have to be perfect, or confident, or even happy all the time. He accepts me the way I am, however I come at him.

And that, my friends, is a rare gift indeed. And one I’m indebted to him for.

Tattoos and facial hair, a great combination

beard4Lately, I’ve had a flight of younger men contacting me, Some as young as 27. I’ve also had a bunch of tattooed and bearded men reach out to me. And boy, I just can’t get enough of them.

35 and bearded? With tattoos? Yes, please!

39 with tattoos and a beard? I’ll take seconds.

The truth is I love a man with tattoos and I love a man with facial hair. Throw them together and as long as he’s not as old as ZZ Top, you’ve got a great combination.

Nothing draws attention to manly biceps like a sleeve tattoo… or any tattoo for that matter. It just gives me an excuse to stare at his bicep. The color and design just pull me in. I love hearing a man has tattoos. I can’t wait to see them with his shirt off.

And men with facial hair are super sexy. I love a good growth of scruff all the way on up to a full beard. They’re just so sexy. They scream “KISS MY LIPS!” and make you want to do it over and over again. I love a good scratch to my face by his beard. It doesn’t bother me one bit. It’s a reminder that we kissed.

So can you imagine when you throw these two together, you get a man with serious orgasmic potential. You’ve got the tattoos to tempt you to see more of him naked and you’ve got the beard adding that extra friction we all love.

Color me happy because I’m in heaven.

I Signed up to OM (Orgasmic Meditation)

I have finally signed up for my Intro to OM course in San Francisco. And I couldn’t be more excited. Like the kind of excited that makes your chest swell with happiness.

I’ve been a little nervous about signing up for this class so feeling this excited makes me realize I’ve done the right thing.

For those of you who don’t know, OM is Orgasmic Meditation. It’s supposed to help you increase intimacy with your partner (which I don’t currently have) and get in touch with your inner orgasmic goddess (which I do have).

Now that’s something we can all get behind.

I took a course in giving blow jobs, and I took a lap dance class. Not to mention the pole dancing class I attended. Now seemed like an appropriate time to take a class about the art and mystery of the female orgasm.

Yes, it has jokingly been called a “diddling your life away” course, but for me it speaks to my sexuality. My spirituality. And I can’t imagine anything better than actually paying attention to something I take for granted and rush myself through all the time.

Of course I will need a partner for this – which is one teeny, tiny, small wrench in the works. But never mind that. I can’t let it stop me from experiencing what it is that I want to experience – which is a richer, fuller experience in the bedroom with my eventual lover.

OM me baby!

Love is

Love is kissing open mouthed, even when your partner is sick. Even if you just caught Mono. That’s love baby.

Love is thinking someone is a perfect 10. Even when they’re sitting on a couch in dirty sweats eating Cheetos and licking their fingers.

Love is knowing another person better than you know yourself. You can sense their mood in a two word text. You just know.

Love is arguing. About the dishes. And about the lack of communication. But really every argument is about the lack of communication. But you get past it.

Love is about loving a person even when they’re behaving like an ass. You know it will pass. But don’t put up with someone who’s an ass all the time.

Love is being kind for no other reason than to be kind. Love is not selfish. Love has no ulterior motives.

Love is wanting to do good. It’s wanting to be the best you that you can be for your partner.

There are, of course, many more attributes to love but one more thing: Love is forgetting everyone else who hurt you, being able to look back and be grateful for so many relationships that brought you to the one you love.

And you’re happy. Blissfully happy.

100 First Dates?

I remember hearing the odds of finding the right person are = you go out with 100 people, you consider 10 of them, you narrow it down to 3 of them, and then you find 1 right person.


Seems high, doesn’t it?  Just thinking about going on 100 first dates is making me tired.

I broke my vow ALREADY! Sheesh!

I may have already broken my vow of not dating by going out with Mike.  But since it was a coffee “date” maybe it doesn’t count?

In any case, my car was getting new tires put on so I didn’t have any way to get to him. So he kindly offered to pick me up and drop me off at the tire shop when we were done.

What can I say about Mike? He was nice. Thoughtful. Tall. Big. Manly. Handsome.  Funny.  Adventurous.  Has all his hair.  Has a good job and is a Brewmaster’s assistant. Which means he was impressed that I will be taking a class on brewmaking in SF in a few weeks.

We chatted about his family, his job, his son. Turns out we have some things in common – we both like camping, fishing, 49ers, beer making, classes, cooking, etc.

There was no big kiss at the end of our date. Just a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Which means I’m wondering if I’ll hear from him again or if that was our only “date.”

Oh, the guessing game.

If I had to hazard a guess I’d say I’m not going to hear from him.  Seems to be par for the course with me right now.  And the reason why I was supposed to give up dating.

I’m am burnt out.

But no, I had to go and tempt fate by going on another date.  Sheesh. I never learn.

I’m starting to wonder if there’s something really wrong with me.

Is there?