Age Appropriate

As many of you know, my taste in men tends to run in the “older” arena.

It’s true.

Lately, there have been a bunch of men I have dated in their mid to late 50s.

It all began with Clint.

Thinking that a friend was trying to set me up with the YOUNGER man standing NEXT TO THE OLDER MAN, I agreed to a date.

Not wanting to be ageist, I went through with the date even though I thought he was way too old for me. I was 33, he was 59.

It didn’t work out, for obvious reasons and the less than obvious reasons that he was a raging alcoholic and hoovered my lips off when he kissed me.

Since Clint, there have been numerous older men in my life.

I think I get a kick out of introducing my birthparents to my boyfriend when he is as old or older than them.

I’m just rebellious that way.

But The Pirate is more my age – in his early 40s. Which makes him entirely suitable for me.

And perhaps able to keep up with me a little better than some of the past men in my life.

My cousin Jennifer insisted I send her a picture of him.

So I did.

She couldn’t help but remark that he was a little more age appropriate for me.

Yeah, more age appropriate and quite dreamy.

I’m not sure his age matters when there’s a connection like ours. But I’m certainly appreciative of his youth and vitality.

I only wish I met him sooner.

Getting Cheeky

I love funny underwear.

Yesterday, I did a little shopping for funny underwear and I came across two very provocative pairs:

Now, one thing I’ve learned about Burning Man is that everything is extreme. From the hat you wear to the shoes on your feet.

It’s less about looking pretty and more about making a statement.

And since The Pirate is going to be at Burning Man with me, I figure I’ll have a moment or two to make a statement and perhaps push his buttons a little bit.

Not that I push buttons [wink, wink].

I’ll just have to remember to use them sparingly. I have a feeling that The Pirate will take me up on each and every offer I put in front of him whether it’s


The Pirate will grant all my wishes.

The Pirate

I just gotta say it.


There. I said it.

My attraction for him is out of this world.

And he has a sizeable attraction for me.

We spend our days and nights texting each other and I LITERALLY CAN’T WAIT TO GO ON A DATE WITH HIM.

Have you ever spotted someone from across the room and instantly felt an attraction for them?

Well, that’s what happened with The Pirate.

He walked into a room and my neck snapped from turning to look at him.

Of course I tried to ignore him as much as I could but in the end, I wound up chatting with him briefly.

With butterflies in my stomach, we talked about families, our kids, Burning Man, and so much more.

Fast forward a few weeks and we’re finally friends on Facebook, which gives him access to this blog [Hi Pirate!]. Which means he knows all my secrets.

And he still likes me.

Which is saying a lot, no?

Not every man gets a crash course in the life of his potential date. It’s got to be intimidating to read about all the dates I’ve had, all the activities I’ve done, and how I feel about dating.

One of the drawbacks of being a blogger – men either hate it or they love it.

So here I am, blogging the Pirate for the first time and what would I like to say?

Well I’d like to blog some of the sweetest things he’s said to me.

Things that make me get uncomfortably mushy inside:





















And there you have it.  Reasons why the Pirate melts me to my core.

Plus, he’s just HOT!


Single on the Playa

I have no idea what it’s going to be like to be single on the playa but I’m hoping it goes a little something like this:

  • Michelle meets interesting man
  • Michelle and interesting man fool around
  • Michelle meets another interesting man
  • Michelle and another interesting man fool around.


  • Michelle meets extraordinary man
  • Michelle and extraordinary man spend all of Burning Man together.

Personally, I’m hoping for the latter but I won’t turn my nose up at the former.

Problem is, all the men I meet seem to have wives or girlfriends.

Take, for instance, Eddie.

I met Eddie at a Build party. Tall and handsome with just the right amount of lumberjack and Renaissance man rolled into one. I was instantly attracted.

Fast forward a week and we’re at a Burner Meet and Greet in San Jose.

We’ve been chatting up a storm when I look down and see a ring on his wedding finger.


Oh well.

Easy come, easy go.

There’s a part of me that lights up when I’m around someone I’m attracted to. It feels so good. That part of me hasn’t been lit in quite some time. So I’m thankful for the brief moment of illumination with Eddie and hopeful it’ll happen with someone else.

Preferably with a burner who’ll be at Burning Man to have adventures with me.

Because as much as I appreciate the interesting men who cross my path, I’m looking for that one extraordinary man to share the path with.

Oh God, is that hopelessly romantic or what?!


I may have lost all my marbles.

I just bought this totally decadent (yet remarkably affordable) bed set for Burning Man.

bedYes, I’m excited. No, it’s not green in keeping with my Absinthe Fairy theme. I just fell in love with the purple and black and that was that.

I’m sure my excitement will only last as long as it takes Tejas to read this post, roll his eyes, and call me to tell me my purchase is TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE for the playa.

Oh but it gets worse… I actually bought black satin sheets to match.

Oh the insanity!

Perhaps I could bribe Tejas to just support my impulse buy. Maybe if I offered to let him snuggle with me in it he would be excited about it.

Just maybe.

But until then, I’m going to be excited about my bed.

In other news, I bought totally a responsible and appropriate pair of pajamas for Burning Man – red, hooded, and footed.  Perfect for the cold nights.

So Tejas isn’t totally failing to influence me to be more realistic and less dreamy.

But he’s not succeeding either.

He he he!

Irish Boy Toy

Irish Boy-Toy is back and is raring to go.

I have to admit, I forgot his name until just now.

He texted me out of the blue yesterday, six months after we went out.

I wrote about our date here.

He texted me:  Hi sexy how are you??

I wrote back:  Who is this?

He said:  Guess :-) :-)

I checked out the foreign country code and figured it must be my Irish Boy-Toy.

Me:  You’re the guy from Ireland

Him:  Correct.  I’m in by bed right now and very horny…

Of course.  Now we get down to the reason for the phone call.  He wants to sext.

But seeing as how I was off to the dentist’s, sexting would have to wait.  I sent a quick inspirational image for him to enjoy and sat back to get my teeth cleaned all the while thinking of this sexy young man in his hotel room, thinking of me.

Don’t know if I’ll hear from him again for another 6 months, but it was a fun exchange, if brief.

Bow chicka wow wow!

Sorta makes me think of Mystery Man and camming and how much I miss him.

I told Tejas about my run in with Irish Boy-Toy.

His response?

Tell him to get in line!

It prompted an interesting discussion on Friends with benefits, poly, falling in love, and letting friendships develop into something more.

He thinks I should see if my friendship (with him) could develop into something more.

And I believe I agreed to keep my mind open.

Wide open…


Today I won the lottery.


I won the lottery at Stanford to get a free ticket to see Oprah Winfrey talk on Monday.

I’ve been getting kinda lucky lately….

I got a ticket to Burning Man

I scored two tickets to the impossibly sold-out Holi celebration at my work

I met Tejas who has been helping me with my Burning Man plans

What else could possibly go right?

I should buy a real lottery ticket, you know, just in case my luck leaks into the financial realm.

And maybe I should invest in some condoms, in case I really get lucky and meet someone special.

Call it optimism. Call it serendipity. Things just seem to be going good for me now.

The Maestro and his Maestra will be coming to Burning Man and staying in the same camp with me so I will likely get to OM a bit while on the Playa.

Did I mention that the Maestra is Tejas’ ex girlfriend?

It’s like “A Midsummer’s Night Dream” set in Black Rock City, no?

Could be a fun Burning Man with all sorts of excitement and connection.

But most of all, I’d just like to point out how lucky things have been lately for me.

And how incredibly appreciative I am for all that I have.

Dangerous Curves

I have a board on Pinterest called “Curvy: Plus Size Inspiration.” It basically exists so that I can remind myself that women are beautiful at all different sizes and you don’t have to be a size 2 to be sexy.

I can’t tell you how happy it makes me feel about my own body to see other women with similar curves and I only wish that mainstream media would show a little more body diversity to help developing girls love their bodies and be happy with themselves.

All this is to say that every time someone pins one of my pins on Pinterest, I get an email notice. And I’ve got to tell you that it thrills me to report that THIS PIN GETS THE MOST PINS AND ALMOST ALL OF THOSE PINS ARE FROM MEN.

That’s right. There are men out there who more than like curves, they love curves and they have their own Curvy and BBW Pinterest boards out there as well. In one week the image has been pinned by:

  • Michael Lee
  • Will Potter
  • Don Smith
  • Andrew Lopez
  • Milan
  • Joe Evans
  • Chad
  • Mike Davis
  • William Domo
  • David Moskow
  • Chris D
  • Brent Lewis
  • Royce Gibson
  • Datoine Tate
  • Josh C
  • Grav Rush
  • and John Clark

In particular, I love this image that all these men seem to gravitate to because I could totally rock the dress the model is wearing. In fact, I’ve even found a similar dress online:

So there you have it… beauty in all different shapes and sizes can be appreciated by many men out there. There’s no reason to hate my body because it doesn’t fall within the narrow range of standards set by the fashion industry.

Hell, in Renaissance times I’d be known as A TOTAL BABE!

Build Day

I attended my first Build Day for Camp OS in San Jose on Saturday.

I arrived to discover that a huge portion of the work had already been done – the erection of the geodesic dome. [Ha ha, she said ‘erection’]

I was greeted by the biggest dog I’ve ever seen, but also the sweetest and shyest. His name was Pan and he was adorable.

So a Build Day is a lot like craft day at my mom’s house – all her friends are invited over to work on their craft projects together to GET IT DONE. Only on a Build Day the crafts are larger and they involve power tools.

We worked on getting some Playa Tech projects done – a few bench seats with cup holders and a closet.

Here is the team working on cutting peg board for the carnival mirrors that Tejas was working on.

IMG_5308Here is a pic of the finished closet. Swanky, eh?

What did I learn about Build Day that I didn’t already know? Well, I got to know the personalities of some of the team members. I also learned that sometimes a lot of arguing can be part of the creative process and lead to some amazing results.


A two headed me!

Whale Watching

Sunday, I took to the seas with my friends Barbara and Elissa to go whale watching.

I’ve gone whale watching in the past without success. In fact, one time in college I went whale watching with my entire Ecology class during a storm and the seas were so violent nearly half the class was puking into buckets below deck.

I hoped we’d be more successful this time, and have calmer seas.

Luckily, such was the case this time around and I got lucky.

First we saw a pod of Risso dolphins. It was so exciting to watch them swim and crest with the waves. The pod even had little baby dolphins swimming with it and there isn’t much cuter than a baby dolphin.

We headed out to find whales and came across a HUGE pod of common dolphins. They swam with the boat and I got a good look at them up close. So incredible to see these graceful creatures out in the wild.

Bad Sea World!

After the common dolphins, we FINALLY came across a family of humpback whales – perhaps 5 of them – swimming, cresting, and breaching.

whale tailCan I tell you that I was beside myself with excitement? I was thrilled to finally see whales out in the wild and to get a real sense of their size and strength. These beautiful sea mammals were slicing through the water despite weighing nearly 80,000 pounds.

One even launched itself out of the water and breached, much to the excitement of the crowds watching.

whale breachAfter the whale watching, which got Elissa, Barbara and I a little bit cold (I had blue lips), we had lunch on the wharf. Barbara was in search of the perfect bowl of clam chowder and I just wanted raw oysters.

We found the perfect restaurant and enjoyed a meal together before heading home.

On the way we stopped at a roadside fruit stand to buy some fruits and veggies. Their strawberries were to die for.

So were their grapefruits.