Burning Man Essentials: Hygiene


Chapstick with SPF – to protect your lips.


Baby wipes, a must have. Coconut oil for everything.
Sunblock or die! First aid kit. Just in case.


Pee standing up in the nasty portos.
Only 1-ply TP in the portos. Vinegar to counteract the alkalinity of the playa.


In case you get burned. . .
Hand sanitizer when washing is a challenge. Blackout mask. Ahh, blessed sleep! Earplugs. A must, especially near sound camps.


Hangover Guardian, just in case.


To relive dry eyes. To get out playa boogers. Gross but true.
You’re gonna want a shower or two.


Tissues for playa nose. Condoms for play.
Lube. Also for play. Antiperspirant. No one likes a stinker.


Also for hangovers. Just in case.
Massage oil, if you get lucky!


Spray bottles, for vinegar, water, etc. Essential oils for well being.
Microfiber towel. Atomizers for essential oils + vodka. Body lotion to treat dry skin.

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Rest in peace

My maternal grandmother was born in Pennsylvania on April 7, 2019.  She passed away in her sleep on Monday, July 15, 2019 at the ripe age of 96.  She was loved and will be dearly missed by her family.  I will think of her often, especially when I’m cooking some of her favorite dishes: piggies (stuffed grape leaves), pierogi, and meatloaf.  I’m so glad we had 45 wonderful years together and knowing you are going to your final resting place next to Grandpa softens the blow of losing you.

Burning Man Essentials: Food and Water

Here is an idea of some of the food and supplies you may want to bring with you to Burning Man. Some require a cooler, others require no refrigeration. How simple or how complex your food is is totally up to you. I tend to eat good food on the playa just because I don’t have much of an appetite so eating something really delicious motivates me to keep eating and not skip meals, which is so crucial when consuming a steady stream of alcohol. Not that I do that (wink).

Another list I want to share is Dazzle’s 2012 Packing List (LINK) which is categorized so you can read about whatever topics interest you – kitchen supplies, food, ice, etc.

Bacon.  Best thing on the playa.  Burners love our bacon! To keep your electrolytes balanced.  Just add water.
For those of you choosing a simple meal plan. Delicious and nutritious on the playa.
Almond butter.  Mmmmmm! Trail mix.  Delicious AND portable.
Beef jerky.  Gotta keep a steady influx of salt in your diet. Pickles AND pickle juice!  Yum!
Hard boiled eggs. Very portable and no MOOP because it’s already peeled. Salty nuts.  Delish!
Chili.  Another easy food choice.  Eat straight from the can. Dual hydration chamber.  One for water, one for electrolytes.
Aquatainer for water.  This one is the collapsible kind. Coconut water.  Full of electrolytes and delicious!
Dried apricots.  Yummy! Instant coffee.  You WILL need this.
Mountain House instant meals.  So easy!  And packed full of the salt your body needs. Kind bars.  Portable and tasty!
My stove.  Collapsible and durable.  Has survived several trips to the playa. Single burner stove.  For when you don’t plan to cook much.

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Every now and then I run across a designer who makes outstanding clothes for curvy bodies.

We’re not talking baggy dresses, loose-fitting shirts and wide leg pants.


We’re talking beautiful, feminine dresses, stylish skirts and tailored blouses.

That’s what Reformation is for me.

I got so excited when I found their clothes, sold online via some major companies, like Nordstrom.

I fell in love with these two dresses – the Butterfly and the Marbella:

Aren’t they gorgeous?




Everything I am looking for when I dress my body.

I was determined to get a cute pair of this season’s IT shoes to wear with these dresses – espadrilles.

I wanted three features:  ankle ties, peep toe and a low heel.

I simply can’t wear high heels now that I’ve become accustomed to wearing flats all the time.

So I got these Soludos Open Toe Platform Espadrilles, which I absolutely heart more than you can imagine:

I’ve got to admit, I can’t wait to put the whole look together.

Maybe I’ll get to wear it out with the new guy!

Burning Man Essentials: Accessories


LED hair accessories.  Fun and functional. Glow in the dark skeleton hands – fun and creepy!
Lightweight backpack for gear/water on the playa. Less lightweight but more stylish backpack if you’re inclined to go that way.
FAUX FUR fox tail.  Cheeky! Lightweight parasol.  To protect you from the blazing hot sun.
Tribal necklace.  Instant outfit. Furry leg warmers.  Very cute for playa bunnies.
Furry RAINBOW leg warmers.  Hardcore! Fishnet gloves.  Easy accessory.
Long fishnet gloves.  Perfect with almost anything. Shoulder holster.  Looks great on men and women.
Leather utility belt.  You need space to stash your stuff. Holographic/iridescent fanny pack.  For the ladies.
Men’s tactical fanny pack. Pasties.  Enough said.
Festival hat (this one is mine). Burning Man hat.  Can’t believe you can buy this on Amazon!
Steampunk hat.  Stylish on men and women! Cyber locks.  For when you’re having a bad hair day.
Dread falls.  Like cyber locks but with yarn. Keychain/pendant.  Can’t believe you can buy this on etsy!
Men’s harness. Edgy! Women’s harness.  Perfect peeking out under a tank top or over a bikini.
White wige – to save you from a bad hair day. Ombre wig.  Complete your outfit with a colorful wig!
Antlers.  Doh! Iconic Burning Man look on Pinterest.  Buy the top on etsy here.
See iconic Burning Man look., above  Get tribal necklace. Pixel boa.  Because sometimes a light up jacket is just too hot!

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Wild Times

There I was, casually chatting with my sister about the new guy, when she said something that made me pause.

“Is he okay with your wild lifestyle?” she asked me.


What WILD lifestyle?

I go to work Monday through Friday.

I chill at home for most of the evenings.

I keep my schedule uncluttered so I can spend my free time on the weekend doing things that I enjoy – like pack for Burning Man, binge watch new Netflix shows, and work on costumes.

Granted, I know polyamorists, nudists, burners, healers, dominatrices, and SO MUCH MORE, but me?

I’m not the least bit wild and I wouldn’t use that word to describe my lifestyle.

Wild is vacationing in the Dominican Republic and taking a drink from the mini bar.

That’s living dangerously.

Honestly, you hit up a few naturist resorts, hang out at a couple of burns, and socialize with alternative peoples and all of a sudden you’ve got a WILD lifestyle.

Truth be told, I’m not sure that the new guy can handle all of it.

So far, he’s been stellar at accommodating my less than mainstream activities.

But I’m giving it to him in little bits and pieces, instead of loading him down with it all at once.

Clearly, even my family thinks that my life is more exotic than it really is, so I must be doing something right.

Burning Man Essentials: Miscellaney


Bungee cords.  For EVERYTHING! Binder clips come in handy.
Multi tool.  Can’t survive without one. Light.  For ambiance, natch!
Industrial power cords.  For those with power. Your own personal mug WITH a lid.
Handheld radio.  To listen to BMIR. Batteries, in all shapes and sizes.
Zip ties.  For everything.  Especially lights. Big ziploc bags.  To put your stuff in.
Bins.  For packing all your things.  Get clear. Handheld fan/mister.  For when it’s hot.
Two way radio.  For dust storm friend retrieval. Bike.  The wider the tires, the better.
Hamper used as garbage receptacle.  For  MOOP. Heavy duty garbage bags to line your garbage receptacle.
Duct tape.  For everything. Safety pins.  For costumes, etc.  Comes in handy.
Bike repair kit.  Definitely needed. Dry oil for your bike.  Don’t drip it on the playa!
Bike lock – to secure your bike. Carabiners.  For attaching things to you and your camp.
Work gloves.  Protect those hands! Headlamp.  For night time trips to the porto.
 Clippers.  For removing zip ties, etc.

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Blue gal in a red state

Never ever in my entire life have I dreamed of visiting Missouri.

And yet, that is exactly what I am doing this week.

Visiting Missouri.

My oldest child is graduating from Army Boot Camp at Fort Leonard Wood this week and I am there to watch him graduate and celebrate his success before heading home.

Needless to say, I am not looking forward to traveling on a plane for a day and spending one day at the graduation before heading home.

I don’t know what I am expecting.

Perhaps my little blonde head getting lost amidst a swarm of MAGA hats.

One thing is sure – we won’t be there very long.

My son has made it clear he’s ready to pack up his shit and head home as soon as he possibly can.




If you can believe it, I haven’t seen my son in person since January 1st this year and I miss him terribly.

What is my kid doing to show his appreciation for a mother who travels halfway across the country for 3 days to see him graduate Boot Camp?

He’s signed himself up for a training class.

A MOTORYCLE training class.

And if you know anything about me, you know that I am deathly afraid of motorcycles.

Thanks kid.

Like I need the added stress of worrying about his youthful ass riding a space rocket among a sea of distracted drivers.

Happy graduation indeed.

Home run

It’s not like me to move slow and take it easy.

Although I am a relatively mellow woman, I find that when it comes to physical relationships I have two speeds:  grass growing and rocket blasting.

Yeah, when I make up my mind that I want some action from someone, it’s hard to stop me.

I do wish there was something besides ludicrous speed, maybe a gentle stroll or a brisk walk, to land me in bed with someone I really like.

To tell the truth, the new guy has slowed me down A LOT.

Everything we’ve done would be appropriate for a PG rated movie.

The few times I’ve tried to broach the topic with him, he changed the subject.

So I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to bring up physical intimacy.

And it presented itself:

So there you have it, I’m not going to jump his bones but I’m not going to inch along, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

I’m going to make my own perfect moment and take the new guy there with me.

As my friend Tom put it, “This is not some fuck boi with a coke can dick.”

Take my time.

Enjoy myself.

Don’t rush.

Be attentive.

And fucking pitch one perfect ball right over the plate so he can knock it right out of the park and have a roaring slide into home base.

That’ll do.

White Wednesday

I’m absolutely obsessed with mesh dresses, the kind you can see through.

Want to wear a bathing suit at Burning Man?

Don’t mind if I do, but I’ll dress it up with a see-through gown and steal the show.

You know I have a black high waisted bikini and a black fishnet dress.

Now I have a white high waisted bikini and a white knit dress.

Truthfully, the last thing I need is another white dress outfit.

I already have three

So it’s not like I need more white in my wardrobe for Burning Man.

I just happen to like it.

A lot.

Can’t wait to see what kind of tans lines this outfit produces!