Gift ideas: Beverages and more!

A newly curated list of mostly beverage-related items which I think would make cool stocking stuffers or gifts for friends and family:

$150 Seriously blinged out iPhone case

$7 Cute cosmetic bag, many designs but this one has my heart

$24 Silicon wine glasses for the hot tub/bath tub

$23 Folding lap desk so I can stay in bed longer

$25 Boho cotton throw blanket with colors I LOVE

$50  Indoor smores maker for smores, especially when it’s cold out

$13 Wine tumbler with lid, for Burning Man, hot tub fun, etc.

$10 Tweexy for nail polish for a perfect manicure

$19 Stainless steel mugs with lids, perfect for Burning Man

$31 Viking mug because I still think about The Swede

$10 Gardening gloves, or some serious backscratching

$15 Skull ice cube tray because it’s cool

$18 Cutting board, ’tis the season for CHEESE spreads

$46 Bartending kit, because I love a good bartending kit in the wet bar

$15 Tea mug with infuser, which is just TOO CUTE

$200 Oculus VR headset, because everyone needs to experience The Magic (I love it!)

$23 Cocktail kit for airplane rides, just add booze

$64 Cheeseboard, another magnificent cheese board, with knives and pull out trays

 $26 Melamine spreaders so bright and cute

$35 Book-scented candle to pretend like you’re in the library

$10 Multi kitchen tool for perfect meals

$16 Flask because it’s cool

$12 Rainbow party cup for Burner BYOC parties


$17 Cocktail garden kit to grow your own herbs for cocktails

$25 Journal for the writer in you 🙂

Santa Cruz Santa Con

I got out of the house on Friday night and attended Santa Cruz’s Santa Con.

It was downtown on Pacific Street.

First we met at a Market Square.

Yummy, my friend who brought me, got rock star parking right next to the Market Square.

We dined on tacos before heading out into the rain to hit The Catalyst Upstairs.

A DJ was playing tunes and I managed to get a drink or two at the bar before it became totally inundated with Santa’s all clamoring for drinks.

After that, we Yummy and I stopped in to a cookie store and we picked up a half dozen cookies which were wafting their delicious scent out the door and down the street.

Back to the breezeway in Market Square for a little Silent Disco and candy shopping before heading to the Blue Lagoon for DJ music in the backroom.

There was a lovely lady with lavender hair there who looked stunning.

I somehow managed to only take one picture for the night and here it is:

santa con santa cruz

Me and Yummy, at the start of the evening.



My favorite was “CD does not stand for COMPACT DISC!”

What does it stand for, I asked my youngest kid?

But he had no idea.

Certificate of Deposit?

I don’t think so.

Color Display?


Cross Dresser?

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

We have a WINNER!

You might wonder, why is Michelle writing about cross dressers?

Well, while looking for costumes on Amazon, I stumbled across this:

A woman SUIT!

Like you can go ahead and slip into it and become a woman.

In true American fashion, the bodysuit comes with SIZE F BREASTS.

Crazy, huh?

I did not expect to find that on Amazon.

But it seems much better than putting the lotion on its skin or else getting the hose again.

Christmas Shopping

I’ve been shopping for all my friends and family and have selected some wonderful items to gift them with.

I may create a few curated themed shopping gift lists, but for now, here’s my hodge podge list of gifts (even some for myself):1. Star earrings – $14

For Robin, because every time I see stars, I think of her.

2. Pearl scrunchie – $32

Also for Robin, because it’s fancy, just like her.

3. Eberjey robe – starts at $45

For my mom, because nothing warms the heart more than a soft robe in her favorite color.

4. Camp hair, don’t care hat – $23

Irony for Jennifer, because her hair always looks amazing, even when camping.

5. Flannel pajamas – starts at $15

For my youngest kid, who seems to always wear them out of the house because they’re cozy.

6. Python print booties – $44

Because they’re wildly popular right now.

7. Pearl headband – $38

For Robin, because it’s beautiful, just like her.

8. Duraline liquid sealer – $20

For me, because it turns any powdered eye shadow into a liner.  Oh, the possibilities!

9. Shuttle Arts marking pens – $23

For my nephews, because they love to create art as much as I enjoy watching them.

10. Toilet night light – $11

For you, because you never knew you needed this until you installed it.

11. Diffuser – $27

For me, because work can be stressful and aromatherapy helps.

12. Surge protector – $16

For my dad, who never seems to have enough USB charging outlets.

13. 2020 Monthly calendar – $11

For me, because I love a sunshine-colored weekly planner that helps me stay organized.

14. Himalayan Body Scrub – $12

For my youngest, because it’s perfect.

15. Chocolate covered cookie gift basket – $28

For my family, because the only thing better than a cookie is a chocolate-covered cookie!

16. Magnetic car phone mount – $16

For me, because I need to mount my phone so I’m not looking down at it. NOTE:  It even comes in ROSE GOLD!

17. Power bank – $28

For everyone, since the PG&E is shutting down the power in California.

18. 3D Wooden puzzle – $30

For my nephews, who love to build things.

19. Cat fountain – $15

For my sister and her FIVE cats!

20. Silver backpack – $96

For me, because it looks pretty.

The winds of change

Most of my Tinder dates while being thoroughly entertaining, only last one date or two before they fizzle out.

So I’m going on a lot of first dates, a few second dates, and virtually no one has stuck.

Ironically, I’ve made more friends on Tinder than lovers and it’s just a testament to my stubbornness that I’m online AT ALL!

Gradually, over time I’ve begun to question the wisdom of blogging my dates with men on this site.

I mean, exactly how many men want to be preceded by their “reputation” when dating me?

I think it’s clear to me that the answer is NO ONE.

And so it is with tremendous thought and self-reflection that I’ve decided to slow down my blogging and eliminate my dating life from my daily journals.

I’m sure it comes with GREAT SATISFACTION to some of my friends who have been advocating for this for years.

The Photographer is one such advocate, who has told me every chance he gets to SLOW DOWN BLOGGING MEN!

Michelle is another friend who supports the “less is more” movement on unblunder.

Needless to say I’m a little nervous about having enough content to post every day.

My quilting and costuming posts are never as popular as my dating posts.

But that’s something I can live with if it creates a little space for someone to actually enter my life, without judgment or prejudice, and enjoy my company for a little while.

Also, it’s okay if I’m not glued to my computer dreaming up blog posts that are only read by a thousand people.

I’ve got a life.

It’s time to live it instead of constantly writing about things I want to do and men I occasionally date.

Holiday love to you!

On Thanksgiving Thursday, I drove the 5 miles from my home to my brother’s house in San Jose to celebrate Thanksgiving with almost all of my family.

The drive was unremarkable, except I rode in my son’s Subaru WRX for the first time and I spent the entire time telling him to SLOW DOWN!

Ah, the ignorance of youth, to be so oblivious to the dangers out there in the world.

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving, in part because both my kids were there, having fun with their cousins while using Oculus, the VR/AR toy from Facebook which MAKES ME MOTION SICK.

The food was exceptional, the company was extraordinary, and the pies were, well. . . delicious!

I managed to sneak a photo of myself with my kids and I expect that if I send Christmas cards out this year, I will need to use this photo since it’s the only one I have of the three of us together.

So from my family to yours, I wish you a very happy holiday season filled with all the joy and happiness you can pack into it, and then some more!

Holiday love to you!

The long weekend

I didn’t get any sewing done on my quilts over the holiday break but I do have some pictures of my work-in-progress Princess quilt:

It’s been a long time since I touched this quilt and it’s imperative that I hand bind it before Christmas when I’m giving it as a gift.

What I did manage to do was do a DEEP CLEAN of my closet.

I went through all my clothes and shoes and got rid of nearly 10 bags of clothing and 40 pairs of shoes.

In the mix were 5 pairs of boots, about a dozen coats and jackets, and a shit ton of dresses.

Some I was sad to let go.

I held on to the red silk dress I wore to my law school reception.

I let go of my velvet dress from my Senior Year Ball.

It was a nice walk down memory lane, seeing all the clothes in my closet that I’d nearly forgotten I had.

But the best part of all?

Actually being able to close my closet doors.


A very purple Christmas

So. . .

I’ve done a couple of Santa Cons now.

Never the big one in SF, but I’ve participated in smaller ones in the surrounding neighborhoods.

The SF one for me is prohibitively big – what’s the point in going when the bars are so crowded you can’t get a drink and enjoy it leisurely?

Granted, there’s fun with your friends and there’s an animated ride back and forth from the city on CalTrans, but other than that I prefer the smaller more intimate Santa Cons.

This year I got a new addition to my costume wardrobe:

A purple Santa dress:

purpleI’m really not shitting you.


I got a purple wig and a purple Santa hat to match and I’m good to go.

I know it’s supposed to be red, but I fear that I will blend in with all the other Santas if I wear a plain old red costume.

So purple, it is!

I bought a few back up outfits to wear, just in case I change my mind, but I’m thinking these will not be worn by me until next year or the year after.

You know me. . . gotta have options!

It could only happen to me

I had a date last night.

It was with a man who (I was positive) was a “SURE” thing.

He basically begged me to come over his house after we shared some provocative pics the night before.

Needless to say, I took special care when getting ready.

I bathed (always important).

I shaved (even my legs).

I refreshed my makeup and put on lipstick.

I was all set to roll in the hay, should the opportunity present itself.

And I full expected the opportunity to present itself.

I should know better.

As it turned out, he was not a sure thing.

Not even close.

I instigated a hug when I met him.

I kissed his cheek.

I flirted with him over dinner.

I don’t know how I find these guys.

Finally, after making small talk for about 3 hours, I asked if he wanted a drive home.

He’d walked the 0.3 miles from his house to the restaurant.

I was being polite, but secretly I was hoping for an invitation in.

He turned me down.

And gave me a dry peck on the lips goodbye with these parting words. . .


I don’t want you to BEHAVE!

I want you to do wild and crazy things with me!

So there you have it.


It could only happen to me. . .


I recently got on another networking website.

I decided to create an account because a bunch of my friends are on this site and I wanted to have a way to keep in touch with them.

And so far, it’s done exactly that – kept me in touch with my friends, their art, and their interests.

The flip side of this membership though is that anyone on the site can see my page (which quite frankly, is very plain) and message me directly.

I do not like this feature of the site.

I have no problems with friends messaging me, but TOTAL STRANGERS, no thank you!

As an example, I got a message from a man on the site.

I barely looked at it.

He was completely unknown to me and I have no need to make more friends with people I don’t know at all, especially 28-year old males looking for action.

So I ignored the message.

Then a day later, another message from him.


Isn’t that a nice “welcome to the neighborhood?”

My friends have assured me that this is the exception to the rule and that most people on the site are friendly, but I’m skeptical.

And I’m heartily tempted to delete my profile.

I find it interesting that he was so quick to get nasty when his first email was virtually sweetness and light.

You never really know a person until you see who they are when the shit hits the fan.

And this guy clearly has a chip on his shoulder for women in power.

Needless to say, I reported him and I blocked him.

But just so you know, misogyny is alive and well and today I FOUGHT BACK.