The $1000 date

A $1000 date.  Do you think I’m kidding?  Because I’m not.

Edward took me to a Michelin rated restaurant in Los Gatos, CA then proceed to order the most expensive bottle of Malbec.  The waiter had to check with him before he brought it to the table.

“The most expensive bottle of Malbec is $460.”

“Yes, thank you,” Edward didn’t even blink.

I sat there with the knowledge that that was at least twice what I had in my checking account at the time.  Heiress, I am not!

Did Edward and I enjoy the bottle of wine?  You bet!


6 thoughts on “The $1000 date

  1. Hi – Edward here – yes it was a lovely dinner and a wonderful wine. Yes it was a little pricey. No, that is not the norm for me, this was a special occasion in all respects, not just in the amount of the bill. No, the money was not meant for rent or the light bill and my kids did not eat scraps of stale bread for a week to pay for my indulgence. Finally – Yes, sometimes you just have to say ‘fuck it’.

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