Older women… hello or goodbye Mrs. Robinson?

Is the lure simply sex or is there more to it than that?

According to my friend Tony, “35 and 45 is okay but 18 and 40 is not.” Hello Mrs. Hulk Hogan….


What could an 18 year old and a 40 year old possibly have in common?

Oh wait…. I just answered my own question.

But is sex the only thing holding the younger man and the older woman together?  Demi Moore, Mariah Carey, and Madonna might all have something to say about that, having been in long-term relationships with younger men.


Sure, older women come with more baggage (ex-husbands, ex-stepchildren, divorce, debt, business pressures, financial obligations, etc.) but they also come with a certain amount of life experience She’s likely to be above the petty nonsense.  Older women are likely to also possess self-confidence that makes them capable of handling whatever life throws their way.

I was in a relationship with a younger man and it was outstanding while it lasted.  But I did have to get over my impression that being younger somehow made them less mature than I. [Ha ha, I know… like I’m mature.]

The age difference between Jason, a handsome, Krav Maga and Muay Thai fighting cocktail mixologist, was about 4 years but I’ll never forget being approached by a woman while out with Jason and my kids and hearing her say, “She’s the mom but there’s no way he’s the dad. He’s too young.”  Yikes!

So even though relationships between younger men and older women are a little taboo, they’re still a popular pasttime.

rbnsnAs my friend Shannon put it, “JT. He’s bringing it back.” And Linda chimed in, “I’ll take two.”

And Andrew suggests that it might be a rite of passage for all men, “As part of the maturing that happens when you’re dating, I think everyone should have at least one Mrs. Robison experience.”

Well, it’s now easier than ever with the National Single Cougars Convention.  My friend Lance was nice enough to forward the link to me years ago as a joke.  I think…

Take it from one Mrs. Robinson, I have certainly initiated my fair share of younger men. But I’ve passed up more.  Thank you and goodnight.

To read an old “Younger men older woman” experience I had, click here.

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