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I’ve become obsessed with watching love scenes to find excellent cinematic examples of sexual chemistry. It has dominated my latest internet searches. Last night, I must’ve looked like a total horn dog at the video rental store because I went to the counter with “Tie Me Up Tie Me Down,” “Enemy at the Gates,” and “The Postman Always Rings Twice.” They did not disappoint. Here is my partial list of fantastic movie sex scenes. It’s a work in progress, needless to say.

81m1. William Hurt and Kathleen Turner in “Body Heat” – don’t sit too close to the screen, because these two sizzle. I’m not sure if it’s Kathleen’s thoaty voice, or the southern heat that makes everyone aroused, but this has got to be #1 on my list.

06m2. James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal in “Secretary” – I sat mesmerized by this movie because I didn’t understand it at all. And in the last 10 minutes, it all made sense. You’ll beg for a little discipline after watching this.

50m3. Jack Nicholson and Jessica Lange in “The Postman Always Rings Twice” – oh, just shoot me now. When Jack reaches down and finds the soft spot on Jessica Lange and they filmed it, you think you’re gonna die. And another time Jack gets Jessica to stop fighting him with one well-placed kiss.

61m4. Jude Law and Rachel Wiesz in “Enemy at The Gates” – maybe it’s because it reminds us of youthful encounters when we wanted it so bad we didn’t care about the other people around us and we somehow managed to keep totally quiet. Well this movie has a scene like that. And Rachel is having such a hard time keeping quiet Jude has to put his hand over her mouth and her expression is perfect.

02m5. Joachim Phoenix and Kate Winslet in “Quills” – This one gets me because it has Joachim Phoenix in it. Here, he’s a priest and she’s a housekeeper in a mental institution that houses the Marquis de Sade. Their attraction is strong but they keep resisting until a final dream sequence that just slays with the tender immediacy of their passion.

50m-16. Olivier Martinez and Juliette Binoche in “The Horseman on The Roof” – I watched this long before Olivier Martiez became a big name and he is HOT HOT HOT here. It’s a story about two people who want eachother but can’t have eachother. There’s a scene where he takes care of her when she’s sick and I melt everytime I see it.

10m7. Viggo Mortensen and Maria Bello in “A History of Violence” – I like this movie for a lot of reasons but one is the scene on the staircase. She’s upset with him and he is starting to show more of his aggressive side and as she’s fighting him you’re cheering for her and then you reach a moment where you realize it’s kinda hot and at that exact moment, she realizes it too and you both get swept away. Viggo’s naked ass is just icing on the cake!

51m8. Dennis Quaid and Ellen Barkin in “The Big Easy” – he’s just the way I like it – demanding, charming, and a little bit bad. She drives me nuts but I forgive her because when he says “Oh no cherie… this is the big easy… you just gotta relax…” she melts too.

12m9. Tristan Ulloa and Paz Vega in “Sex and Lucia” – maybe it’s just better in Spanish than in English, but this movie sizzles. It shows a sexy relationship and captures genuine chemistry in artistic cinematic vignettes. If you have a girlfriend and you want to get lucky, put this on. If she has half a brain and isn’t put off by subtitles, you’re gonna get some!

90m10. Billy Wirth and Bridgette Bako in “Red Shoe Diaries” – Pretty much any scene with these two sizzles. He’s got this fantastic voice which he uses to talk dirty to Bridgette “I just want to feel your hair” and you can just tell that the only place he feels at home is buried deep inside her.

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