Wet vinyl beds and belly fat

WilshireSpa-9This post starts with a wet vinyl bed and ends with belly fat on my forehead.  What am I talking about?  I’m talking about the Korean spa… my most favorite place to go to get a scrub and a massage.

It’s a very basic treatment facility.  There’s little to no luxury but there are amazing treatments.  The body scrub in particular is amazing.  You start out lying naked spreadeagled on a wet vinyl bed.  A woman wearing a black bra and underwear throws buckets of warm water on you then starts to scrub you with her hands, covered in raw silk mitts.  It sounds crazy, but literally noodles of dead skin come off your body.

My technician this weekend was wearing a red bra and underwear.  She laughed at me a lot as I slipped and slid all over the vinyl bed.  Sometimes she would slap my ass or my thigh to get me to roll over.  There were times I was clutching the bed, desperate not to fall off.  I rotated like a rotisserie chicken on that bed until I’d been fully exfoliated twice.  Everything was exfoliated too.  This is a 100% naked treatment.  Not for those who blush easily.

After that, it was time for my massage.  My tech squirted baby oil all over me and proceeded to give me a very vigorous rub.  At one point, she was standing by my head and leaned over my body and I could feel her belly fat on my forehead.  When in Rome, you know….

I know it sounds a little odd.  I think perhaps you have to have a different cultural mindset than the standard “nudity-is-bad” American attitude.  Most of my friends swear they could never do this.  If I knew anyone who would go with me, I would take them.  The end result is glistening, gleaming, glowing, soft-as-a-baby’s-bottom skin and I for one, am sold.

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