The post where I crush on a younger man

photo-4Last night I went to a dry ice hockey game to watch my cousin and his team play roller hockey.  They’re in the gold league now which means:

1. They’re good
2. Competition is stiff

And no one is stiffer than me at these games because my YOUNGER MAN CRUSH is on the hockey team.  Yes indeed, Alex – who I blogged about here –  was at the arena playing alongside my cousin Nick.

Once again, the air squeezed out of my lungs when he passed by and I got tongue tied in his presence.  I managed to squeak out, “Good game Alex.” He barely glanced at me. Drat!

I told my cousin Jennifer, “I will admire him from afar.”

She replied:  You would ruin him otherwise, lol

This is true. I have a feeling that this is a situation best left to the fantasies in my head instead of the realities in his bed.  Sigh.

But oh God, YUM!  I will take him every day of the week and twice on days that end in “y.”

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