Okay, so it’s Char-lie, but since he doesn’t pronounce the “r” I like to call him Chawlly. You can blindfold him, drive him around for hours, drop him off in the Australian Outback with 2 liters of water and he will find his way back to civilization. I would eat bugs with him.

He has kayaked with crocodiles. He has sailed a 75 foot sailboat from Australia to Indonesia. He speaks 5 languages. And he has walked through downtown Bern, Switzerland with naught but a speedo on. He likes to dance (boogie, as he calls it) and like me, he always goes into the bounce house to jump around with his kids at parties, regardless of what the other adults think. He likes the way my hair smells, and if I kiss him like I mean it, he tells me he doesn’t want me to leave and wraps his arms around me.


If he wants to make me laugh, all he has to do is say the word “harbor.”

“Chawlly, say harbor,” I ask him.

“Haw-buh,” he replies.

He he.

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