Do You Send Nude Pics to Your Partners?

photo(26)I am a connoisseur of the naughty pic.  Not only do I love taking my own selfies, I love collecting the photos which are sent to me.

You’d be surprised how many buttoned-up businessmen are willing to take it off and show it off when properly motivated by a selfie I’ve sent them.

I have so many photos, I had to get a special app – called PhotoSafe Pro – to keep them locked down and secure on my phone.

The first thing I did when I bought a new phone was transfer all my naughty photos over.

There’s just something about exchanging photos that reminds me of foreplay.  I love a man who reciprocates.  My photos get increasingly sexier when he sends back his own.

Not everyone feels this way, however.  So I’ve created a brief poll to get to the heart of the matter: