Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Sister’s Ex-Lover

I’ve always believed in the rule that a guy can only date one sister in a family.  Once he’s dated one, the others are off limits.

That was never really a problem for my sister and I because we had vastly different taste in men.

Until Austin, that is.

Sexy in high school and sexy now, Austin is SEXY with a capital “S” “E” “X” and “Y.”  Sexy like his life depends on it.  Back in high school I thought he was handsome and sexy but he seemed to prefer my older, wilder, more rebellious sister.  And I was so shy around him I could barely get 2 words out to make a sentence.  [I still have this problem when I have a crush].

Fast forward 20 years and we’re friends on Facebook.  His Facebook pics are a source of constant thrills and sexual frustration for me.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to download them for “sensual material.”  Yes, even girls do this.

If only I could crawl naked into my computer screen and up his perfectly fitting t-shirt I’d be a happy girl.  I could fantasize about kissing his lips all day long. I would look at his handsome face, chiseled cheekbones and all, and I would say, “Anyway you want it baby….” Oh to be skin to skin with him.  That would be a delight.

But then I think of my sister, who would probably flip out if she knew I was lusting after Austin and I sigh and resign myself to lusting after him in cyber space only.

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