Some days you just need a friend with a hot tub

Like today, for instance.

It began with me popping on over to My Mental Stream’s blog. Why? Because he put up a post titled, “I am Ravenous” and I could relate to the feeling.

The post was well written and it got my already simmering hormones to boil over. God bless 20-something young men with carnal urges and the ability to write about it.

I may have posted a comment or two admonishing MMS for getting my juices flowing. Perhaps I flirted a little.

Then… I flirted with Austin in my usual style by sending him some PG-13 rated pictures. I also showed him some of the new lingerie I bought which prompted him to suggest he’d like to see me I’m something black, lacy, and easily removable.


Tonight, Photo Booth and I had a date with my new black chemise, fishnets thigh highs and all…

And here’s a G rated version for you.


Between all the flirting and all the lingerie, I sure could use a nice soak in a hot tub.

Ah… Relax.

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