Just friends?!?!

20140130-204156.jpgIt’s been almost 2 months since Edward dropped the F-Bomb on me…


Since then we’ve talked briefly and texted EVEN MORE briefly.

Am I the only one who gets frustrated when someone texts me only to barely respond to my replies?

Here’s an exchange:

Edward:  Last Friday was steak and blowjob day and I didn’t get either 😦

Me:  Lol I’m not going to say what I’m tempted to say and instead complain that I haven’t had sex since weeks before our first date.  Totally sexually frustrated 🙂 [Thinking:  WTF?!?!?]

Me:  Okay I am going to say it.  It’s not like you didn’t know where to go to get steak and a blowjob 😉

Me:  By the way, I am getting drunk on Cabernet tonight.  1 glass down, 3 more to go.

Edward:  Ha ha.  go easy on the wine.  Drink some water before you go to sleep.

Me:  I’m only going to have two glasses.  Sigh. I’m getting old.

Me:  FYI you can make ANY night S&BJ night. [Implying he and his gf can have a DO OVER]

Then nothing.  Some dialogue huh?  Not only was I left thinking wtf, I was also left thinking WTF?!

I wonder what it means to have a guy text you then barely respond.

  • Is he embarrassed to text me?
  • Is he super busy?
  • Is he not happy to chat?
  • Was I too flirty? [FYI, he does this all the time regardless of the topic so even though I know I was flirty I think this is not the reason.  Plus HE started the flirty talk with his S&BJ talk]

Why not be FRIENDLY and write more than 2 sentences?  Why not actually carry on a conversation with me?  I wonder if he knows it makes me feel unimportant and marginalized to communicate this way?

I’m curious if any of the guys out there have any insight into this kind of behavior and what it means.  You’re invited to leave your thoughts in the comments section or email me at michelle@unblunder.com

5 thoughts on “Just friends?!?!

  1. Just speaking from my personal experience, if I don’t feel a true connection with someone, they’re not going to be getting a lot of communications from me, text or otherwise..
    I think it’s fair to say this applies to both genders… I’ll receive quite a few texts, then nothing. I trust my intuition in these cases and figure it’s turning out exactly as it should.
    It would also make a huge difference as to whether or not I had actually met face to face with this person… no communication after actually meaning means even more of a not so bright future with this person.

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