The one where she confesses her fantasies to a man

So… based on feedback from this website, I worked up the courage to ask my sister if I could go out with Austin, her ex-lover from high school.

And she said sure… but be careful.  He’s a serial monogamist.

Hmmmm…. and what exactly am I, I wondered?

But no matter, I now have permission to do what I’ve been doing for the last week – which is SEXT WITH AUSTIN.

Now, I’ve been sexting long enough with Austin to know that there’s a problem.


And the problem with this is that I’m worried the fantasy of him in my mind might eclipse his reality.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to find out.

I think Austin’s sex appeal springs from a very real love of women.  Very few men truly love women, and Austin is one of them.  He seems to understand how our brains work on a fundamental level.

Austin is sexy because he knows how to get inside your head and turn you on from the brain down.  And I think that’s the best bedroom skill to have.  And the most enduring.

This one phrase I think totally sums up Austin’s sex appeal (apart from his absolutely sunning physique and handsome face).  Austin is a man who posses the physical skill to turn on your body and the intellectual capacity to set you on fire.

Some of the sexy things Austin has said to me (that can be shared):

“You realize you really can’t come near me unless I can have you now.”

“But… I don’t have to only give pleasure… or at least conventional forms of pleasure…”

“BTW – after yesterday’s sexting, I’m rocking some lovely fantasies about topping you.”

And he’s not the only one with fantasies.  I confessed a bunch of my own fantasies to him.  It was liberating to share them with another human being and have him say, “I can do that,” or “I like that,” or “that’s not too kinky.”

So what can I say about Austin?


6 thoughts on “The one where she confesses her fantasies to a man

  1. Sounds like some hot texting. And you’re feeling comfortable enough to share fantasies with him. It’ll be a very promising first date. Oh, and great quotes about/by literary peeps!

  2. If what you say is so about his understanding women, then yes, he will be even better naked than you imagine. But I do hope your sister won’t be having 2nd thoughts when she finds out how great a time you are having 🙂

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