Boudoir photo shoot SOON!!!! (with preview pics)

My boudoir photo shoot session is coming up in less than a week – May 18th to be exact. I have my makeup (thanks Kim!) and my hair lined up. All that remains is to select the outfits.

Truthfully, I’m tempted to just go completely sheer and let them worry about tastefully framing my curvy body. But I suppose I need to be more artful than that. So I have selected pretty much ALL THE LINGERIE that I bought – upwards of $750 in lingerie – for the shoot.

Starting with a plain, white, long-sleeve, button-down men’s shirt with black lingerie underneath.

I’m going traditional, I guess. At least to start. After that, it’s anyone’s guess but I will literally have a duffel bag with every piece of lingerie I own ready for the shoot.

Am I nervous about the shoot?


One of the reasons I didn’t post my home photos of me in lingerie is that I literally HATE those pictures. I’m hoping a photographer can do me better.

Because personally, I think I look better naked than wearing lingerie.

No sure why I’ve had such an obsession with the stuff over the years.

My best bedroom outfit is a necklace.


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