Outside my comfort zone

I am a big believer in the saying “Amazing things rarely happen in your comfort zone.”  I’ve spent the better part of 10 years  stepping outside my comfort zone with wonderful results – I’ve flown airplanes, I’ve gone skydiving, I’ve rafted Class IV-V rapids with strangers, I’ve gone to naked spas, I’ve meet fascinating people with alternative views on life, I’ve kayaked in the Pacific ocean, I’ve whale watched, I’ve crawled through caves with holes a regulation basketball wouldn’t fit through.  And I’ve enjoyed it all (except for the cave crawl which I WOULD NEVER DO AGAIN).

But the one thing that strikes fear in me, that I really don’t want to do but think I probably should, is wear a strapless minidress and go out in public.  Yes, nothing scares me more.  I would rather get in the water with a great white shark than don a mini skirt and go out in public.

Of course, this has everything to do with my insecurities about my legs.  So in usual fashion I’ve gone online to find similar examples of “thick legs” and I’ve posted them here.  I actually like them.  I should look at them everyday (instead of pictures of Kate Moss and other lollipop supermodels) and see if I don’t feel better about my own body.  So here you go…. my “thick leg” photo collage.


I’m beginning to realize that as we get older, our bodies will start to fail us. It’s an inevitable part of the aging process. And do I want to spend the time I have left fighting with my body or loving it?! I think loving it is the better option.

Love curvy bodies? Care to comment?

12 thoughts on “Outside my comfort zone

  1. So I rarely comment – as I told you on our walk this week I’d prefer to say things to you not a computer. But, I’ll go ahead this time. Any body type is fabulous and we should rock our bodies and feel good about ourselves no matter what. I struggle with that, but wouldn’t wish that struggle on ANYONE else especially young girls. But, I’m really not into most women wearing mini dresses. And I’m referring to dresses just at the butt line when I say that. It’s a pretty bad fashion choice for all and to me it’s most often a sign of insecurity or an attempt to get sexual attention because you don’t feel you’re good enough to get attention based on what’s inside. I wish more girls loved themselves enough to realize that people should love your inside, you don’t have to show off all of your outside to get them to look at you twice.

    • You know me.., anything above the knee is a “mini” skirt. I can’t imagine wearing a skirt so short the whole world can be my gynecologist… LOL

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