Poses for my boudoir photoshoot

I’m no newbie to taking sexy photos.  I’ve been doing it since before we had cell phones and you had to take a photo with a standard 35 mm camera.  Here are some of my favorite (G-rated) photos.  There may be a nip slip in the bunch.  Sorry if you’re easily offended.


Those are some of my favorite pics I can post.  Now, here are some of the (G-rated) poses I plan to do at my photoshoot.  You can see all my inspiration online at my Pinterest Board – Boudoir photo shoot.

Fun, no?  I’ve decided to go with a “Dressing Down” theme – a women just coming home from a glamorous night on the town and getting undressed for her lover.  It’s a minimalist approach to a boudoir photoshoot since the idea behind it is removing clothing – exposing the lingerie underneath – and then getting completely naked for a night in bed.

What do you think?  Think I can pull it off with this curvy, bodacious body?!

Yeah…. me too!

10 thoughts on “Poses for my boudoir photoshoot

  1. You are beautiful and I can’t wait to read how everything goes. Great photos of you btw. Thank you for sharing

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