Boudoir photoshoot, part 2


It’s now about 4:00 pm and even though I don’t have my appointment until 7 pm, I leave early to get to the City. I have a nasty habit of getting lost in the city and I figure this gives me a comfortable buffer in case I get lost on my way to the hotel AND gives me plenty of time to imbibe some liquid courage – in my case a VERY LARGE GIN MARTINI with three olives.


Sure, I was the girl sitting in a hotel bar in the City wearing a little black dress and with no underwear. Why, you ask?

Because I was worried about wearing anything that might leave a mark on my skin.

So NO BRA and NO UNDERWEAR for me.

I felt very naughty and wicked sitting alone in my booth.

I was nervous and I texted Marty and my friend Brian, both of whom did a great job in calming me down. Sort of. I did freak out a little bit. You can watch me freak out here.

I took a few selfies in the bar. Just a girl in a LBD in the City, going commando with a duffel bag full of lingerie. What’s not normal about that?!?!?


My photographer, a woman, finally called me to the suite and we poured over my lingerie for a good 15 minutes, deciding what outfit to wear, what shoes to pair with each outfit and what jewelry to match each outfit.

I was happy to finally have a “girlfriend’ to assist me in this venture. For the first time since I started this whole process, I felt a little lonely, wishing I had someone to be there for me for this event in my life. But no, going it alone this time. Buck up and move on.

For the better part of an hour and a half, my photographer posed me and snapped pictures of me.

A few of the things she said to me:

  • “Look at me and give me a little smirk.”
  • “Lift your chin and tilt your nose toward me.”
  • “How did you get such a nice butt? Do you do squats?”
  • “This is a perfect angle to show off your tattoos.”
  • “I have my clitoral hood pierced.” NSFW!!!

WHAT?! You can imagine the face I made when I heard my photographer say that.

Oh, ouch! No thank you. It took some serious mental cleansing to get that image out of my head, especially since she described getting it pierced.

Moving on….

I got pretty damn naked for my photos. I was really proud of myself for putting it all out there and getting photographed doing it. I should have pictures to view in a few days and something to post here within the week.

Hope you all enjoyed the process like I did, and if you’d like, drop me a line at

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  1. I would’ve gone with you! But now look what you accomplished, Babe! I’ve seen ~all of :)~ you, so I already know they are amazing!!

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