A Date! Finally!

Last night I went on an impromptu date with the Irishman. He was as cute in person as he was in his pictures. And he seemed to like me. Told me he wished all Irish girls looked like me. Full of compliments, he was. We went to a local bar, excuse me – pub, and I ordered a cocktail. He ordered a beer but didn’t like it and so he drank water instead.

Lots of flirting. Lots of kissing.

He was a pretty decent kisser. The only thing he did that bothered me was lick my mouth.

Um, no.

But okay, the rest was great.

I took him to my special spot – the highway 17 overpass in Los Gatos. It’s secluded, dark, and kinda romantic with the cars flying by underneath your feet.

We kissed and fooled around a little bit until it was time to go home.

I gave him a brief tour of Los Gatos which included the high school, the Ferrari dealership, the Library, the candy shop, the Apple Store, the gelato factory, and my favorite lingerie shop. Fun, fun, fun!

At one point we were talking about our ages. I told him I was 40. He told me I didn’t look older than him.

“How old are you,” I asked.

“How old do you think I am?” he replied.

“37?” I guessed.

“You think I’m 37?! Do I look 37?! I’m 33. Why do you think I’m 37? he asked.

“Um… because I don’t usually go out with guys younger than 37,” I responded. Hey. It was the truth.

So here I was on a date with a horny 33 year old trying to get something… anything from me.

I think it’s time to say goodnight.

“Not yet. How about a kiss and a cuddle. Park over there,” he instructed.

Since I wasn’t born last night, I looked at him skeptically.

“Just a kiss and a cuddle!” he reiterated.

Of course, that turned into asking me to give him a hand job. And asking me to “give it a kiss.”

Sigh. I didn’t comply.

I finally said, “I’m very troubled that you’re not listening to me. I’ve told you I’m not comfortable with what you’re asking me to do. But instead of listening to me, you’re keep pushing me to go beyond my boundaries. And I’m not happy with that.”

He finally got the message, but not before I seriously reconsidered going on date #2 with him.

So mixed review for the Irishman. Sexy, yes. Cute, yes. Tall, yes. Horny, yes. Respectful? Not so much.

Apparently in Irish, ” a snuggle and a kiss” means “a handjob and a blowjob?”

7 thoughts on “A Date! Finally!

  1. Unless all you want is a snog, I’d stay away. Based on what you said he seems the type to bail after sex. Or be quite flighty, which is very irritating. Hope I’m wrong, though, as he is cute. Do they know you post their pics?

  2. He’s cute but really seems used to getting his way. If you go out with him again, keep the places public. And if all else fails, punch him in the face 😊

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