Do you want to get your pu**y licked?

Do you want to get your pu**y licked?

That’s what the Australian asked me when he was jonesing for some action.

6’6″ tall, 27 years old, and randy as well, I can tell you that the Australian appeals to me greatly.

Unfortunately for him, I got his message while on a sail boat 5 miles out in the bay doing 20 knots.

No chance for pu**y licking there.

Don’t get me wrong.  I appreciate directness as much as I appreciate an eager man.  But I just can’t help but wish he was a little more refined in his seduction scene.  Perhaps a little introductory flirt.  Or an opening compliment.

Could he be a little more like Austin?  Matter of fact, could he BE Austin?  My flirtatious friend and I have been exchanging relatively benign emails and I miss getting my flirt on with him.

So yes, there’s the Australian with his tongue at the ready for me.  I should stop fantasizing about Austin-who-has-a-girlfriend.

And I will.  Very soon.  Maybe soon enough to visit the Australian.  But until then…

5 thoughts on “Do you want to get your pu**y licked?

  1. Why do women tend to want what they can’t have? My date with the German shrink springs to mind, her immortal words: “The vast majority of people don’t know what is good enough for them.”

    • Who knows why? Something or someone grabs a hold of you and letting go is hard. I had that happen with Edward. So hard to let go of the dream of him. But I did. And just look where I am now. LOL

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