How to eat pu**y

Upon reading about my frustration with The Australian regarding his seduction approach, my friend Anna sent me the most enlightening article titled “How to Eat Pu**y:  A Magical Guide for Evolved People.

I was going to do nothing with it except read it myself until I received a comment from another friend Ken stating his disappointment that I did not give tips in my “Do you want to get your pu**y licked?” post (which by the way was censored by Facebook).

So here you go…. they’re not quite my tips, they’re not quite Anna’s tips.  But they are someone’s tips (and FYI I’m not sure that talking to a pussy is as sexy as the author hints at).  But don’t take my word for it.  You can read all of the tips here.  For time’s sake, I’m summarizing below:

  • Introduction – Tell her she is beautiful and mean it.  This is always ALWAYS a great thing to do ANYTIME.  Stop and appreciate her unique flower.  Every woman is different, this could be excruciating for some women who are shy.
  • Engagement – lick her outer and inner lips.  In that order.  Got that?  Then go find her cl*t.  And food goodness sakes, whenever you touch a woman’s pu**y make sure your finger are wet.
  • Interaction – tease her and approach her slowly.  Play with her. Kiss her gentry then harder.  Tongue f*ck her.  Work her tip of the iceberg.  Feeling a little hot yet?  Continue on…
  • Escalation – Finger f*ck her with TWO fingers.  TWO, got that?  Get to know her orgasmic symptoms.  Don’t let go of her cl*t when she starts to orgasm (the multi-orgasmic woman).  Consider the cherry on the cake (read about it here – #14).
  • Continuation – after the orgasmic wave, keep making love to her.

So I read this article and figured why not?

I sent it to the Australian, on Anna’s suggestion, with the comment:

“Seduction is one of my favorite games.  How a man plays says a lot about him.  How would you like to play?”

And voila.. there’s goes my flirt.

Getting it on, baby.  Getting it on!


[Update:  The Australian responded to my email and told me that #4 and #6 are his specialties.  To find out what that is, click here.


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