BUSTED… by Facebook

Not long ago. I put up a post about the Australian (aka the Aussie) hitting on me with a graphic text, “Do you war to get your pu**y licked?”

I write a pretty benign post to accompany the story however I included a photo which was beyond acceptable for Facebook.

It included no nudity (per se), but it was a picture of a guy going down on a girl.  Contextually graphic if not sexually graphic.

About 12 hours after I linked to the post on Facebook, I tried logging in to Facebook.

Locked out.

And just so you all know in case this happens to you, Facebook tells you why you were locked out, makes you read a warning about content on Facebook, and then asked you to review your photos and mark any that should be removed based on your newfound knowledge of what is appropriate and what is inappropriate.

Was I upset to get censored?  A little, especially knowing a “friend” reported my image.  But I knew I was pushing the boundaries when I uploaded the image.

I personally think that FB needs a non-anonymous system to report photos/content so that those of us who are reported can WEED OUR GARDEN OF THOSE “FRIENDS”.  Honestly, if I offend you, why are you my friend in the first place?  Great idea, no?

Meanwhile, if you wan to see the post that got me in trouble, click here.


One thought on “BUSTED… by Facebook

  1. I agree – a non anonymous reporting system would be great. That happened to me on photobucket. Someone didn’t approve of my photo and I got locked out for a while. If you don’t approve – don’t look!

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