The post where I get invited to a Swingers’ Meet-and-Greet

I’ve been invited to attend a Swingers* Meet-and-Greet to blog about it.

I said, “Hell yeah…” to the invitation.

Inquiring minds want to know.

Now the first thing you need to know about going to a Swingers Meet-and-Greet is that if you tell you friends, they will want to go too.

  • Call it genuine curiosity…
  • Call it casual interest…
  • Call it outright enthusiasm.

But whatever you call it, don’[t call it boring. This crowd is sexy cool and ready to meet like-minded people.

Hence the Meet-and-Greet.

I’ve already had 4 vanilla friends ask if they can join me. But I’m going solo.

I’m excited to be going. It’ll be great to see my friends (yes, I was invited by Jack and Jill, my friends who happen to be swingers). Jack and Jill are hosting this event and have kindly asked me to join and blog.

Not surprisingly, getting ready for this party has taken an extraordinary amount of time. What should I wear to a Swinger Meet-and-Greet? A birthday suit? It’s not that kind of party, silly.

I settled on an exotic black lace bra, black tank with a plunging neckline, jeans, and a pair of CFM strappy black heels.

Think I’ll fit in?

5 thoughts on “The post where I get invited to a Swingers’ Meet-and-Greet

  1. I know someone who enjoys the swinger lifestyle. He seems pretty satisfied and happy, so maybe there’s something to it. I think that your outfit will be popular. 🙂

  2. I think the outfit will be popular, but think that we need to see a few more angles to be sure… 🙂

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