Embrace the breast

Breasts. Tits. Knockers. Fun bags. Boobs. Boobies. Kittens. Jugs.

No matter what you call them it’s impossible to ignore the fact that as a nation we both glorify and denigrate them.

Take for instance the recent outpouring of objection to women breast feeding in public. One the one hand, we applaud the women for providing milk and important antibodies to their children. On the other hand we reject them doing this service for their child in public. Why the double standard?

The breast has become so highly sexualized in our culture that it’s become hard for us to see it as anything besides sexual. We try to suspend this belief when we see a woman nursing an infant, but God forbid we see a woman nursing an older child. Oh, how we get up in arms about it.

I applaud women who breast feed in public. When my sons were small, I did too.  And while I’m a bit of an exhibitionist and have been known to show my breasts on this blog, I can’t help but wonder about my participation in the over-sexualization of the breast.

I wish we could all just love the breast for the amazing body part that it is, in all its sexual and asexual capacity. I would like to see not just 20-something year olds taking topless selfies of their perfect silicone breasts when I do a google search for ‘topless selfies’ (NSFW)but also the variety of shapes, sizes, and ages that breasts come in.  Why do we hate on the woman who shows her breasts post mastectomy?  Why do we give violence a PG rating but nudity gets an R rating?

Take it from someone who likes nude beaches and nude resorts, breasts come in many varieties, not just what you see in Playboy magazine. I, for one, love the diversity. I love my own breasts specifically, and other women’s breasts in general. I even enjoy the very unique man boob.

What can I say, boobs just make me happy.

And so to celebrate the breast, I’m posting a great boob shot of me. No implants. After breast feeding 3 boys. In an awesome red bra.

Embrace the breast. No hate.


P.S.  This post was inspired by Ann St. Vincent’s blog post ” I’m going to show you my tits” who herself was inspired by Hyacinth Jones’ “My political career is ruined:  I have too many tit pics on the internet.”

2 thoughts on “Embrace the breast

  1. As one not too shy about flashing their “personality” I love the post, and your blog!!! Guys are funny about breasts. Some attack them like their a punching bag (ouch!) and some treat them with such restraint that–well–they need to loosen up. The same for “other” parts of our anatomy…specifically…yeah. As Oprah says, the VaJayJay (is that is?! 🙂 ) Guys…listen up!!!! We are more than something to be grabbed, groped and glanced at! Learn to Churn, babes! 🙂 Great post! Love & Blessings

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