Great White Shark Diving

aka How Michelle Plans to Spend Part of Her 2013 Tax Refund.

As you all know, I will be signing up to dive with Great White Sharks in the fall when the seal breeding season in the Farallons goes into full swing.

I’m actually very nervous about this activity. More than running with the bulls. More than skydiving.

It’s not because I get sea sickness in a boat. It’s not because I’m scared of the shark.

It’s because I’m scared of drowning.

In my mind, I’ve created a worst-case-scenario where the tether holding the cage to the boat gets severed and I sink into the depths, surrounded by man-eating sharks.

Am I still going to do it?

You bet.

If I let fear stop me I never would have skydived, ran with the bulls, or had boudoir photos taken.

I’ll just have to get over my fear and brave the murky cold waters of the Farallons to greet these primordial beasts.

Wish me luck!

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