Facial Hair

beard1I am a big fan of facial hair on a man. There’s just something about a man with a beard that is…. Well… manly.

I love kissing a man with a beard or with a goatee. The tickle of his beard against my lips just turns me on.

Most of the men I’ve dated have had facial hair, and although I seem to wind up with men who are tattoo-free, I think the sexiest combination out there is bearded with tattoos.

Hemingway had a beard. So did Tom Selleck, at his sexiest.

Even bald men with beards are sexy.

A decent beard can transform a nerd into a rugged hunk.

I especially like gray beards. Nothing quite so sexy as a salt and pepper beard, hold the pepper.

Now mind you, I’m not talking Duck Dynasty beards. Those scraggly things should be banned.

I’m talking well-cared for, clean, and trimmed beards.

There’s just something so lumberjack-y about a nice beard. It just screams “I’ve been out chopping wood and now I’m going to fix your car before I make love to you ten times.”

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