This was a momentous week for me. I finally hit 200 followers on WordPress (not including my Facebook readers) AND I got 1,000 likes.

You can’t imagine how rewarding it is to reach milestones like these.

Combined with my Lovely Blog nomination, I’m feeling like I’m doing something right on my blog.

Writing a blog is a little like having a second job. Instead of having free time, I’m scouring the internet for new blog topics or scanning my brain for ideas.

All the creativity comes from me and I have to say I’d be so disappointed if I didn’t have anyone reading my blog.

Consider that a few short weeks ago I was ready to turn in the towel and lay unblunder to rest.

It was nice to see all the support that came from my post “Am I a Neanderthal?”. That’s when my self-doubts came to a head.

I like to think of myself as a writer. In reality I’m a writer who donates her work to the internet (via my blog) and to charities (via my work with non-profits). Every time I see my name in the byline I get a little shiver.

I’ve been told to write about what you know, which is why I write about my life and all the shenanigans that ensue.

I hope you’re as entertained by reading my posts as I am by writing my posts.

So thank you for the adds and for all the likes. And thank you for reading

This blogger is one happy lady!

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