Now, I’ve been with trimmed men, and I’ve been with untrimmed men so I feel uniquely qualified to render a verdict in the manscaping debate.

To manscape or not to manscape, that is the question. Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer the dense thicket of outrageous pubes or take arms against them and trim them down.

In short, the answer is….


Indeed, I am a fan of manscaping. In particular, I am a fan of the last manscape job I was lucky enough to view.

But enough about Austin, here’s why manscaping is great.

  • You don’t have bush is your face when you go down south.
  • It gives men that “extra optical inch.”
  • It looks clean and tidy.
  • Shorter hairs are less likely to be “flossed” with.
  • If I’m going to maintain my nethers, I think he should have to maintain his as well.
  • Less prickly.

I think women spend a lot of time on the care and maintenance of their lady business. I think the least men can do to make things pleasant for us is give it the occasional trim. Being a woman with sexting friends, I often receive images of unmanscaped men. My advice to them is always the same – you should give that a little trim. Streamline it. Gain that extra optical inch.

With the exception of The Irishman, everyone has taken my advice.

What was The Irishman’s reponse?

“I’m Irish Michelle. And Irish men do no manscape.”

Ha ha. Okay!**


*  Manscaping actually included trimming/shaving hair on the back, the chest, the brows, the beard, and the nose/ears as well as the genitals but since I find the genitals more interesting, I focused my interest on that area 🙂

**  All this being said, if you really like a man, trimmed or untrimmed, you’re going downtown and you’re gonna love it.  It’s really the person attached to the manscape that matters, not the manscape.  Duh.

4 thoughts on “Manscaping*

  1. It’s in the man’s interest to manscape. 1) You feel more. 2) The women will more likely take her time. 3) Most importantly, she’ll go down on you more often. To any men reading: would you want to go down on a big hairy, smelly, foul-tasting mouthful of hair? Guess what? Neither does a woman.

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