I’m going to show you my butt

I have a very nice ass, courtesy of the genetics on my father’s side of the family.  We joke about it all the time, but when you like Zezza butt, you LOVE Zezza butt.  My cousin Jennifer and my brother Art both have the butt and it’s a mighty fine ass, if you ask me.  So without further adieu… my ass.  Enjoy!


6 thoughts on “I’m going to show you my butt

  1. Nice butt girl:) funny you write about rear-ends….like you, I got the good butt in the family too. My parents both have “book butts”, thank god my brother and I inherited a real, functional butt from my mom’s side (not sure who exactly). It not only looks good but we can run like the wind… we ran track. My poor sister got the book butt…

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