Speed Dating Blues


I’m going to be speed dating on Wednesday evening and I’m NOT looking forward to it.

It sounds like torture – going on 10+ five minute first dates all in a row.  I suppose though you know all you need to know about your compatibility and connection with someone within the first 30 seconds.

Sometimes I sign myself up to do things when I really need to go with my guy instinct to run and flee.  Going outside our comfort zone is not always good.  Especially when there’s speed dating involved.

I plan to get through the evening by having a nice, big martini to start.  Or maybe a beer.  A martini might come off as too I’m-a-professional-drinker.

I’ll keep busy talking to other people and when I finally sit down for the mini dates, my goal will be to make each of my dates laugh at least once.

I think I can pull that off and it seems like a reasonably good attitude to have.  Maye him laugh.  Sweet and simple.

I can do that.

6 thoughts on “Speed Dating Blues

  1. Why put so much pressure on yourself? If it makes you feel better, the guys feel pretty much the same way. The expectation of an event is usually greater than the event itself…

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