OM cubed

For the first time since my class last Saturday, I OMed. It was OM Day so what else do you do on OM Day but OM?

And not just once, but three times. OMG

It was the perfect excuse to wake up early, get my ass to “class,” and get stroked.

The first thing you need to know about OM is that it somehow has a way of bringing your issues to light.

All my body issues, all my self-esteem issues reared their ugly little heads the days before OM Day and I nearly cancelled my plans to participate.

I was convinced that I was fat and ugly and that the only reason anyone was OMing with me was out of pity.

Sad face.

But never one to let fear get the better of me, I managed to set my issues aside and attend OM Day.

My first OM was with an incredibly handsome younger man which INSTANTLY upped the intimidation factor for me.

I got so shy I could barely look at him, barely talk to him.

I was worried that our OM would not be such a good experience for him.

Sad face.

Why do handsome men intimidate me so?

Course, I was half naked, spread-eagled in his lap, which may account for some of my nervousness. It’s a very vulnerable position to be in.

For me, it was a great OM though. My partner gave great grounding pressure and was very good at letting me know what he was going to do before he did it.

I was frustrated with myself though because I felt like I wasn’t loud enough. I didn’t put on enough of a show for my partner. And so on.

But OMing is a goalless practice and I reminded myself of this going into OM #2.

I started shaking on OM #2 and I kept on shaking even when OM #2 was over.

I was quivering like a bunny rabbit staring down a tom cat.

A short break later and we were back for OM#3.

And how did I feel afterwards?

Energized. Turned on. Ready to take a date with my ex (Steve) and the strip clubs we were planning to visit.

More on that later….


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