Guest Post: Mystery Man

What is there to say about unblunder that blog followers don’t already know?

We all know what a beautiful and amazing woman Michelle is.  I enjoy how she has opened up her life to us and let us take a sneak peek into her world.

She has blessed us with pictures of herself from no make-up, to sexiest boudoir shoots to pictures of her many adventures. Each and every picture I see of her makes me smile and then some.  Her beautiful eyes to her amazing smile draw me in and her brilliant mind keeps me coming back for more.  I love a woman who is more than a beautiful face.

The fact she speaks her mind and tells you exactly what she likes is such a huge turn on.  Not to mention her ability to step outside of her comfort zone is truly remarkable.

She has already made me get off my ass in my own life a couple times to explore the unknown and she has promised to help me explore others.  I can’t wait to cross paths with her one day and be by her side on some of her amazing journeys.

So I just want to say thank you to her for sharing her life and her journeys and I look forward to reading her blogs every day.  I hope she keeps us all smiling and never stops writing.  I for one appreciate the time and effort she spends writing her blog.