What’s unsexy about sex

  1. Morning breath – Morning sex is awesome. Not so much morning breath.
  2. The wet spot – ‘Nuff said.
  3. Leg cramps – Sucks when it happens.
  4. Having to pee – You really should have gone before you initiated sex.
  5. Bloody sheets – You thought your period was over but…
  6. Farting – It happens to all of us.
  7. The ‘O’ face – Does anyone make a pretty face when they orgasm? Anyone?
  8. Complaints from the neighbor – No one wants to get that knock on the wall.
  9. 69 – Just an all around awkward position if you like breathing.
  10. Flying semen – That stuff goes everywhere.
  11. Bra struggles – Because sometimes grown men forget how they work.
  12. Soft wood – Hey, it happens sometimes.
  13. Dryness – The female version of soft wood.
  14. Granny panties – All women have them, we just hate getting caught in them.
  15. Dirty talk – When it fails miserably.
  16. “No I didn’t come” – Awkward but normal.
  17. Sweat – Totally natural but sometimes it’s downright ABNORMAL.
  18. Pubic hair – when you have an expectation but get something else entirely.
  19. Falling asleep – What? Am I the only person who’s accidentally done this? I don’t think so.

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