F*cking Facebook

I don’t know about you but suddenly my “People You May Know” section of Facebook is LIGHTING UP with men I used to date, almost dated, and flirted with.

How this happened, I have no idea.  I didn’t even know what most of these men’s names were.  I can only imagine the magic that Facebook employed to delve into my online dating records.  The fact that Facebook was able to dredge these men up from the sewers of my life scares me and impresses me a little.

They even located Louis, who managed to give me my WORST DATE EVER story involving two standard size poodles, the Adult Swim channel (which may have cartoons on it but it incidentally NOT A CHILDREN’S CHANNEL), and Louis’ 6-year-old daughter.  I could not make this up and I’ll save the whole story for another blog post.

Louis beat out that aptly named “Fartman” for the title of WORST DATE EVER.  No explanation is necessary for that one, I assume.

It’s been an awakening to see al the faces of the men I’ve entertained.  It makes me realize how long I’ve been dating and how many different men I’ve gone out with.

More than Princess Di, less than Madonna and we’ll leave it at that.

But still, I have to wonder how did Facebook do it?  They even found sexy Dixon who I am currently texting with.

I can only imagine that these men are experiencing the same flashbacks as I am as my picture goes floating by in their “People You May Know” (aka “People You Know But Don’t Want to Admit You Know or Even be Friends With) section.

Surely they think of me as that sexy, brilliant, adventurous blond they were lucky enough to go out with and perhaps they should give me a ring.

Then again, PERHAPS NOT!

4 thoughts on “F*cking Facebook

  1. Same here – lately I’ve seen a lot of suggestions on FB. I think FB is looking into my mail accounts or even into LinkedIn. The best way to avoid this is to never log into another site using the FB option (if so offered).

  2. Sounds like a GREAT idea. So shocking to see people I haven’t communicated with in years and only via phone and text messaging suddenly pop up on FB. Creepy!

  3. It has to do with mobile phone numbers… if they are in your phone, and their mobiles are tied to their facebook profiles, they now show up. I had the same parade of douchebags recently and it took me a bit to figure out why. While you can’t remove them (unless you delete them from your phone), you CAN ensure the same doesn’t happen to you. Go to Facebook and settings and there will be a page where you say “allow your friends to look you up my mobile” and I think that’s the one that works. I hope, anyway :\

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