Adventures in cosmetic procedures

I recently had a little cosmetic procedure done.

Yes indeed. And I’m willing to admit it.

It’s nothing major. Nothing medical. It’s not Botox (which I do get periodically).

It’s mink eyelash extensions.

Now I have eyelashes like Kim Kardashian.

Not that being like Kim is something I aspire to (although I do admire her pocketbook).

My friend Barbara turned me on to mink eyelashes. After admiring her long and lush eyelashes for a few weeks, Barbara finally told me she gets extensions put in.

I was curious. How does this work? What’s it like?

Well apparently, individual strands of mink fur are painstakingly applied to your natural lashes to achieve a naturally gorgeous lash look.

Incidentally, this IS NOT PETA APPROVED.

And what were the end results?

Well take a look at my before and after photos below.



I certainly have darker, longer, fuller lashes. And I love how they look.

But there are some downsides to having mink eyelashes.

  1. It’s hard to take off eye makeup without some measure of pain. Those mink hairs have rigid bases and those bases will poke you. Eyelids are sensitive, I’ve discovered.
  2. I’ve also discovered my eyes water a lot more than they used to. Perhaps I’m sensitive to the glue. Maybe I’m allergic to mink. But I find myself dabbing at my eyes quite frequently.
  3. There’s no need to put on eyeliner or mascara anymore. Which is great considering #1 above.  But I kinda miss my liquid liner.  I know.  Girly.
  4. You’re not supposed to get them wet but if by chance you happen to get shampoo in your eye while taking a shower, it’s extremely painful to wash your eyes.

So that’s been my adventures in mink eyelashes. Love the look, still adjusting to the logistics of it.

What do you think?

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