Hanging at the Korean Spa with the girls

I took a trip to the Korean spa with Barbara and Rani.  Both of them had gone in the past and we all wanted to go again.  It’s always more fun to go with friends than it is to go alone.

We started out the usual way,,, by brushing our teeth, showering, and basically scrubbing the heck out of our skin.  Cleanliness is godliness at the Korean Spa.

Then we soaked in the warm bath, which is like a hot tub.  The hot bath is nearly intolerable and the cold plunge is frigid.  I spent my time going from the warm bath to the cold plunge and back.

I love the sensation of my body thawing out in the warm bath after a long cold plunge.

I also like how a dip in the cold plunge leaves me breathless.

We all got our scrubs at the same time.  We all got buckets of water thrown on us.  And they for sure slapped us around a little bit.  But it was amazing to see the dead skin roll off us like noodles.  Amazing and disgusting.  I kept trying to flick the pills of dead skin off the vinyl bed I was laying on.

Yes, I was on a slippery vinyl bed covered in soapy water.  Can you say slip and slide?

After our treatments, which Rani agreed were pretty good but pretty basic, we sat in the steam room and just relaxed and chatted until we were all ready to head to the locker room.

All in all, I had a fantastic time.  I even talked Barbara into having some pho with me at a nearby restaurant.  There’s nothing quite like a hot bowl of soup when it’s cold outside and you’ve just spent the evening soaking in a hot tub and getting the daylights scrubbed out of you.  Followed by a vigorous massage, naturally.  All for $80.

I was boneless.



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