Juice cleanse SUX

So I started my juice cleanse today and already I can tell that juice cleanse and I are not going to get along well.

It’s not that I will miss chewing my food.

And it’s not that I have an objection to drinking all my meals (hello vodka cranberry).

It’s because the stuff I’m supposed to drink tastes like a field of weeds blended up and thrown into a bottle.

Y U C K Y !

I’m struggling already and I’ve only been doing it 15 minutes.  I get that it’s organic.  I get that it’s healthy for me.  But does heathy and organic have to taste so bad?

The instructions it comes with pretty much have me drinking round the clock.  Which I don’t mind if it’s a cocktail but I do mind when it’s green sludge.

So really, I should be taking bets on how long I’ll last on this cleanse before I break down and eat the Oreo cake that’s in my fridge.

Yes, it’s healthy.  Yes, it’s good for me.  Yes, it’s organic and raw.

But does it have to trigger my gag reflex every time I take a sip?

3 thoughts on “Juice cleanse SUX

  1. Oh, this looks, sounds, and I guess tastes nasty. Not the way I’d want to start the New Year. But I’m a wimp, what do I know? Good … shudder … Luck … y.e.e.e.c.k

  2. Juice cleanses are just a fad – there’s zero peer-reviewed evidence that they do anything but line the pockets of those who peddle them.

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