I bought Buck (rhymes with F_CK and S_CK) as my ex-husband and I were finalizing our divorce.

I wanted to drive something sexier than a minivan and more useful than a sedan.

And so I stumbled across Buck in a parking lot at Manteca Dodge with my new boyfriend Steve.

Steve was 6 feel tall and had a 56 inch chest.  A truck seemed like the perfect automobile to fit my new boyfriend in – big, strong, and manly.  With a big set of balls.

Well, the relationship with Steve didn’t last.  Or the ones with Jay, Dave, Luke, or Mike.  But that truck has been a constant for me.

Still sexy.  Still strong.

Just like me.

Quite frequently, I get asked how I wound up driving a big truck with a HEMI in it, and I tell them the story of Steve and Manteca Dodge.

“Jimmy was a Racecar Driver” by Primus started playing over the radio the second I turned on the engine and I peeled out of the parking lot, thrilled to pieces.

I’d fallen in love.

And have you seen Buck’s front end?


Just like me.

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