When a journal is more than a journal

It’s not well know that before I write, I compose all my blog posts in a book.  There is something about the writing process, about seeing those wonderful words form on a blank page that unleashes my creativity.  When my work is finished in longhand, that’s when I transfer it to the computer.  It’s the least satisfying part of the process.

My writing is just better when I write by hand.  I accept this.

So I have a bit of an obsession with journals.  Since Burning Man is coming up, I figured I’d commission a whole new journal for my experiences there.  And that’s when I found Misty.

Misty makes custom journals and THEY’RE BEAUTIFUL!  They’re one-of-a-kind and not the kind of thing you throw away.


I told her Absinthe Fairy, Rainbow Jumpsuit, and Black PVC Domme and her creativity was sparked.  I told her greens and golds and iridescence and she began to plan out a 50-page journal for me.

Just look how beautiful and colorful they are:

journal2 journal3 journal4

So if you imagine me at Burning Man, imagine me sitting in the shade, with a hydration pack on my back, dust on my boots, and sweat on my forehead with an incredibly creative and beautiful journal in my hands, madly scrambling to write down what I’m experiencing at Burning Man so I can capture it and take a little bit home with me to share with all of you 🙂


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