Happy Holi!

On Easter Sunday, I got up bright and early to get breakfast with Tejas and then make the drive to Stanford to participate in Asha’s Holi 2015.

This is the fourth year I’ve participated in Holi. In previous years I’ve taken my boys, their friends, my mom, and a date whose name I can’t recall.

Tejas and I were planning on taking a folding chair with us in case his knee or his back started acting up, but all went smoothly.

I showered Tejas with color – orange and green.

He doused me with pink and yellow.

And the game was ON.

We spent the better part of 30 minutes throwing color on eachother. We made sure to get the white outfits we were wearing as DIRTY WITH COLOR as possible.

And we did a find job.

After resting for a few minutes, then snarfing down some tasty Indian food, we were ready to head home.

I had explained to Tejas that the color doesn’t stain unless you get it wet. And if you do get it wet, then be prepared to have Easter egg yellow blond hair for the next week, which if you work in the Dean’s office is not an encouraged personal style statement.

Yes, I speak from experience.

Rain showers were predicted for Sunday but we were lucky that they held off long enough for us to have our fun and get out of there.

However, nothing could stop Tejas from sweating and the sweat mixed with the color and turned his skin a lovely pea green shade.

Not kidding. He couldn’t get it to come off.

I told him to use alcohol (apply it, don’t drink it, I joked).

No good.

Still green.

But overall, it was quite a fun event and I enjoyed blasting Tejas with color over and over again.

And I got to eat baby coconut, so there’s that too.


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