Dolly is staying home from Burning Man

Yes, it’s true.

I’m not taking my tent trailer to Burning Man.

My friend Tejas came over and took a look around and basically RAINED ALL OVER MY PARADE.

And even though he was probably right, I still wish he’d embraced the Burning Man spirit of making the impossible, possible.

Tejas is an engineer, and he is pragmatic and analytical. He’s the quintessential devil’s advocate. Just like my father.

Whereas I am creative and emotional. I’m the quintessential dreamer.

Yes, I know Dolly needed some work, but couldn’t he envision her the way I envisioned her – as a source of respite, color, and comfort on the playa?

Tejas felt my sadness over giving up Dolly. He offered the use of his tent from last year – a big 10’ x 14’ two room tent I have nicknamed Pete.

So it’ll be me and Pete on the playa.

There are several benefits to taking Pete to Burning Man instead of Dolly.

  • I don’t have to worry about towing Pete to and from the playa.
  • There’s less set up time with Pete.
  • I save money by using Pete.
  • I can ride up to Burning Man in Tejas’ RV The Motorbeast.
  • I can ride the Burner Express to Reno, visit my sister, then fly home.
  • There are much fewer things to worry about breaking.

So Pete has his benefits. It’s only the dreamer in me who envisioned Dolly all decked out on the playa, with fairy lights, new curtains, pennant banners, and disco balls who is disappointed with this turn of events.

I imagine I’ll be taking Dolly out to camp in the coming months just to prove to myself that I can do it and that Dolly can make it in perhaps less extreme environments.

But I’m sad.

Truly sad.

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