It may be hard to believe but I have given up alcohol for 30 days (just one of the vices pictured to the left).

I didn’t get hung over and quit.

I didn’t embarrass myself and quit.

No, I simply decided I would quit and so I quit.

The first person I told was my friend Tejas.

You see, I think my liver needs a little break. Drinking has become too much of a habit with me. I come home from work, I go to the wet bar, I fix myself a drink. Before I know it one drink has turned into two or three.

It’s been two days since I gave up alcohol.

Day 1? Easy. I got this.

Day 2? Not so easy. I had to text Tejas and tell him I was jonesing for a drink.

He told me “You can make it! You are a strong person!” which is EXACTLY what I needed to hear.

When I told my parents about my intentions, my dad said, “Good luck. I hope you make it” in a voice which told me he decidedly DID NOT think I’d make it.

Bad daddy.

In any case, I’m still hanging in there. Giving the liver a break and washing her clean of nasty booze toxins. I only have to wait until May 6 for my next drink.

Oh damn! Cinco de Mayo! Dry!


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