Dangerous Curves

I have a board on Pinterest called “Curvy: Plus Size Inspiration.” It basically exists so that I can remind myself that women are beautiful at all different sizes and you don’t have to be a size 2 to be sexy.

I can’t tell you how happy it makes me feel about my own body to see other women with similar curves and I only wish that mainstream media would show a little more body diversity to help developing girls love their bodies and be happy with themselves.

All this is to say that every time someone pins one of my pins on Pinterest, I get an email notice. And I’ve got to tell you that it thrills me to report that THIS PIN GETS THE MOST PINS AND ALMOST ALL OF THOSE PINS ARE FROM MEN.

That’s right. There are men out there who more than like curves, they love curves and they have their own Curvy and BBW Pinterest boards out there as well. In one week the image has been pinned by:

  • Michael Lee
  • Will Potter
  • Don Smith
  • Andrew Lopez
  • Milan
  • Joe Evans
  • Chad
  • Mike Davis
  • William Domo
  • David Moskow
  • Chris D
  • Brent Lewis
  • Royce Gibson
  • Datoine Tate
  • Josh C
  • Grav Rush
  • and John Clark

In particular, I love this image that all these men seem to gravitate to because I could totally rock the dress the model is wearing. In fact, I’ve even found a similar dress online:

So there you have it… beauty in all different shapes and sizes can be appreciated by many men out there. There’s no reason to hate my body because it doesn’t fall within the narrow range of standards set by the fashion industry.

Hell, in Renaissance times I’d be known as A TOTAL BABE!

6 thoughts on “Dangerous Curves

  1. I love all your plus size inspiration and actually used one of your posts to lead me to a website for plus size corsets! I don’t know many plus size women that have a belly THAT flat as the woman in the red dress, but she sure is sexy!

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