What’s on tap?

So I’m trying to plan out my next adventures and I have to say, this would be much easier if I was a couple. Then the “Chocolate Making Class for Two” would be appropriate. Or the “Love Lab” class that teaches couples massage would be ideal for an afternoon’s activities.

But no, I am yet single so I must plan my solo activities accordingly.

Right now, I have tickets to see U2 and I’m planning on going to the 4th of Juplaya with Tejas and friends. Juplaya is celebration of the 4th of July on the Playa, enjoying the surrounding hot springs and fireworks. It should be fun.

But that’s all I’ve got going on and I need to schedule some more activities. To begin with, I’d like to go back to BAGI and make more glass bowls. That was wicked hot, but wicked fun. And I loved the final product which is sitting in the entryway in my home.

As far as activities go, I could:

  • Take horseback riding lessons
  • Learn to golf
  • Go to the batting cages
  • Try my hand at fencing
  • Attempt to learn archery without lacerating my hand, like last time
  • More pilates
  • Study ballroom dance
  • Rock climb at Planet Granite
  • Fly a small plane, again
  • Take an improve comedy class
  • Paintball!
  • Learn to surf
  • Table tennis lessons, so I can beat my cousin Nick
  • More kayaking
  • Learn how to make bread
  • Take a dance class
  • Take that Bollywood dance class I’ve had my eye on for months now
  • Barre3 class, which my friend Christina swears by
  • Bootcamp, ugh
  • Billiards class
  • Introduction to firearms class
  • Piano lessons, refresh my skills on the piano
  • Shoot clays
  • Go river rafting, always fun on a Class 3+
  • Summer festivals!

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