It’s raining men

It’s raining men…


Looks like this fisherwoman went fishing and has three on the line.

What did I use for bait, you ask? Just a few sexy pictures and witty emails.

Meet Paul, Michael, and Atomic Jim.

All of them look insanely good in a t-shirt which is a prerequisite for going out with me.

Michael already asked me out for next week.

Paul and I are talking disgusting food (I’ve eaten silkworm grub and posted a pic to my profile).

And Atomic Jim is… well… charismatic.

Oh, I almost forgot Rich who would be my Mecca were he to grow a beard and sing me “Michelle” by the Beatles.

I feel like a gambler sitting at the table with a full house in her hand.

It’s an intoxicating feeling.

Yes, it’s only a matter of a week or so before the “decks are cleared” so to speak, but for now I’m going to enjoy myself.

This being single is not too shabby.

Not shabby at all.