I’ve signed up for a new adventure.


That’s right. As in using a bow and arrow for target practice.

I think it’s awfully brave of me to be trying my hand at archery given how my last attempt turned out.

I was 17 years old and my boyfriend Frank just got a new compound bow he wanted to use for target practice.

We went to the local range and he proceeded to hit all his targets quite nicely.

Then he turned his attention to me.

He was going to teach me to use the compound bow.

I got in position and grabbed the bow string and started pulling it back.

He stopped me.

He slipped a “trigger” on to the string to give me more control over it.

What he didn’t tell me was that the trigger was on the side of the device so as I started pulling back the bow string, I naturally slid my finger to the side of the trigger to get a better grip and…


I pulled the trigger while in the processes of pulling the bow string taut.

The kevlar string snapped loose.

Can I tell you how badly both our hands were lacerated?!

It could’ve been worse, I realized later. We could have lacerated our faces.

In any case, that’s my one and only experience with archery so this will be something new and exciting for me.

I’m totally looking forward to it!

2 thoughts on “ARCHERY!

  1. How funny, the Hunter just bought a bow – the traditional type whose name escapes me. He’s setting up a target in the backyard so I’ll be trying it soon myself. I love it. My son had a compound I use to shoot.

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