I made it through nearly 40 years of life without getting a tattoo.  And then for some reason, when I turned 39, I started getting tattoos.  In a matter of months, I went from 0 tattoos to 5 tattoos.

It seemed like every time I went to Reno to visit my sister, I’d return with a new tattoo.

But that 4th tattoo, well not long after I got it I started to regret it.

IMG_5733It’s supposed to be a heart with an infinity symbol in it.  It represents eternal love.

Of course it didn’t help one bit that after I got this tattoo, my boyfriend dumped me to marry his coworker.

Eternal love?  Really?

The only thing I’m happy about is the placement of this tattoo…. on my back where I can’t see it and can ignore its existence.

I’m not jaded, but occasionally the optimism with which I got this tattoo mocks me.

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