Well, I just ran into my ex boyfriend Earl.

I call him Earl but his name might be Luke, or Fred, or Chip.

All I know is that it is definitely a 4 letter word.

I ran into Earl at lunch in the GSB. He was walking into the cafeteria while I was sitting outside soaking up the sun.

I spotted him right after he spotted me and pretended to not see me.

Instantly all the things I wanted to say to him popped into my head.

“Are you happy?”

“Why did you cheat?”

“Why did you lie about it?”

“Are you satisfied with how you handled things?”

As much as I hate to admit it, I have resigned myself to the fact that this relationship, over all the others, gave me baggage.

Big, yucky, sucky, Technicolor baggage.

In large part, the baggage exists because I didn’t get a chance to get closure with Earl. One minute we were dating, the next we were uncoupled on Facebook and he refused to speak to me.

Talk about leaving loose ends….

So there we are at the GSB, pretending to ignore each other, and all I can think is how nice it would be to clear the air and put everything behind us.

That’s when I saw him sneaking out the other side of the building to avoid me.

Some things never change.

At least I’m not the one who is hiding.

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