MichelleSeeing as how all the men I seem to meet are married, in open relationships, commitment phobes, perverts, fuckwits, or assholes, I’ve gone and hired myself a life coach.

Not just any coach.

I’ve hired Chris, who has worked with my friend Jeanne and a few other friends to help them get their lives in order to great success.

I’m not sure how this coaching thing works, but I’m pleased that my coach is a man and can give me the male perspective on what is wrong with my love life.

I’m pretty sure he’s going to tell me that I am my own problem.

  • I OM
  • I’m going to Burning Man
  • I have friends in alternative lifestyles
  • I take sexuality classes

I’m sure my coach will make me work on myself.

Inventory all my past relationships.

Account for my own behavior with men, which I’m sorry to say I’ve grown accustomed to giving it back as good as I’m getting it.

All I am looking for is one good man, who is monogamous, funny, generous, and has time for me.

Tall and handsome would be fine by me too.

So be prepared for this blog to change a little and chronicle some of the exercises and activities I go through as I remodel this human being that is Michelle.

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