The ants go marching one by one

One of the things I LOVE about going to visit my sister in Reno is that she has a hot tub.

And when my boys aren’t with me and it’s just her and I, it’s a CLOTHING OPTIONAL hot tub.

This last visit, my sister informed me that she turned down the temperature to 85 degrees so that we could use it as a “pool” or crank it up to 100 to use as a hot tub.

So we all got ready to jump in the hot tub and I went out to prep it and discovered that ANTS HAD SET UP RESIDENCE BETWEEN THE HOT TUB AND THE LID.

There were MILLIONS of ants all over the place.

Even their little larvae and eggs were in piles around the perimeter of the hot tub.

It was completely dis-gus-ting (the photo below is just one small section of the ants):

IMG_7159Now I’m not one to freak out over a few ants but a whole army of them was something to behold.

I hiked up my dress, turned on the hose, climbed into the hot tub, and hosed those puppies off the hot tub.

Of course a bunch actually fell into the hot tub.

Couldn’t be helped.

So I was walking around in ant stew in my sister’s hot tub cleaning ants off it.

I am nothing if not a good sister.

After a while, the lid and hot tub were clear of ants.

But the water was a different story.

We waited a few hours, went back out and the water was clean again. No ants. No larvae. No eggs.

Just crystal clear water.

Lisa kicked up the temperature in the hot to dissuade future tenants from moving in and I looked at her and said…

“I know it was filled with ants just a few hours ago, but I’d go it.”

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