Spanking and a cookie…

spank classI took a spanking class

This might seem like a random thing to you but I took it because I’m camping with Otis SPANKMORE for Burning Man and we give out spankings and cookies.

That’s just our thing.

So everyone who wanted training on how to spank was invited to this course.

And who am I to pass up a free class on how to spank?

It was quite entertaining.

More like stand up comedy if you ask me.

Our instructor was absolutely HILARIOUS.

Near the end of the class, he gave a spanking to his demo model.

It kinda looked like fun.

So when he asked for a volunteer from the audience, I volunteered.

Of course.

If nothing else, it’ll make a great blog post.

I dropped trou, thankful that I’d worn my nice panties., bent over the spanking bench, and proceeded to have a lovely little spanking delivered to my butt by the instructor.

It was quite extraordinary.

It started out slow, just generating heat in me but then as it built up, I gradually got all tingly and that sensation grew deeper and deeper until I was gasping.

All in all, a fun experience.

When it was all over, I got a hug from the instructor, plus a glass of water, plus the instructor’s phone number.

Apparently I am fun to spank and he’d like to repeat the experience.

Girl’s still got it!

So if you’re coming to Burning Man 2015, and you’re looking for a good spanking, come by Otis Spankmore and get your spanking AND a fresh baked cookie!